Week in Our Shoes: The Transit Edition

Here the news from the movement this week:

Here at the Mothership, Deputy Director Debjani did a great interview with HuffPostLive this week on the subject of street harassment an safety on public transit. Check her out live in studio!

Hollaback! Ottawa is on a serious roll this week! Ottawa hollas hosted a forum on public transit safety called Talking Back! The event was covered by Metro News, CTV News, and CBC Radio! WOW! Check out these awesome photos from the event and The Julie’s CTV Ottawa Morning Live interview on youtube:

Hollaback! Hamilton is looking to fill several positions on their team. They are looking for a Graphic Design Coordinator, a Legal Coordinator, and two Social Media/Communications Coordinators. Spread the word!

Hollaback! Berlin’s site leader Julia is in a documentary that will be released this weekend. Check her out!
Hollaback! Sheffield just launched their photo campaign! Check out the awesome photos they collected. If you want to be a part of their project, email your photos to [email protected] or upload them to Sheffield’s twitter or facebook.

Hollaback! Baltimore is calling for cyclists’ street harassment stories in honor on National Bike Month. Submit your biking-while-being-harassed story to our Bmore hollas.

Hollaback! Boston interviewed producer, blogger and marathoner Alex for this week’s edition of the “Introducing” series. In another post, site leader Britni makes some intriguing points about the subjectivity of individual experience and how what we as individuals think constitutes street harassment may vary from person to person.

Hollaback! Philly published a new piece by guest blogger Lula Lisbon called “I Might Have a Nice Ass, But You’re Still an Asshole.”  Also, Hollaback! Philly is proud to announce the much anticipated release of their street harassment comic book! Hollas will be attending the Philadelphia Wizard Con at the end of the month.

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