Month: April 2013

HOLLA ON THE GO: Inappropriate Passerby

I was sitting outside when a guy I knew stopped by to chat with his girlfriend. A man was passing by and stopped and told my friend that his girlfriend was “hot” and that he was lucky. He said “damn!” then turned and looked me up and down and said “How YOU doing? and stared … Continued

K’s Story: Far From Home & Dodging Dodgy Fellas

I’m a university student studying abroad in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China. It was 10am on a bright, sunny day. The street was empty except for me and another woman who was ahead of me and walking the same way. I was on my way to the airporter bus, so I had my luggage rolling behind … Continued

Amanda’s Story: Power Surge

I was driving home from an errand with my younger sister in the car. A guy in a giant pickup truck that said “GDM Electric” cut me off, not once, but twice. The second time he did it, he nearly hit my car, so I honked my horn. I was stuck behind him at the … Continued

OkieRunner’s story: exercise in peace

I go running in my neighborhood several times a week. I used to run by this apartment complex until some guy started coming outside to watch me and whistle, yell, and generally be obnoxious. At first it was just whistling, but then he started catcalling and the next time I went by his friends were … Continued

Sarah’s story: #notouching

I was at a bar with my cousin and her friends. This older man walked up to our table and started chatting one of the women across the table from me, and at one point, I thought I saw him pinch her cheek. She was smiling, didn’t say anything, and I went back to paying … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: #bestcomebackever

I was walking down the street to my car after one of my shifts at work, straight-faced, focused on getting to my car safely with pepper spray in hand. “Why don’t you smile?” I heard it and immediately turned red with rage. His buddies laughed. I kept my paced, looked over my shoulder, yelled “that … Continued

New submission from Ariel Boone

These clever guys in my DC neighborhood use this adorable pickup gimmick when I bike home after work: they slow their car, make comments about my body, and even stop traffic to “cheer me on” as I slowly bike uphill. What would I do without their compliments and attention each day? Street harassment is the … Continued

Amber’s story: followed in St. Paul

I was walking back to work throught the skyway in downtown St. Paul. A man started walking close to me and making disgusting and perverted comments about my body. I gave him a stern look and he then became more aggressive. He said “how am I not supposed to say anything to you”. He followed … Continued