Month: April 2013

Raven’s Story: Recorded harassment

This bastard was leering me. I stared back to let him know I was aware and that SHIT AIN’T COOL! This bastard then let’s out a nervous laugh, then calls me a “bitch”, then hurries back to his car. He then, WHILE IN HIS CAR, TOO, flips me the “bird”. I then approach his car, … Continued

Support the HOLLA::Revolution!

Support the HOLLA::Revolution Help young people around the world lead the way for the next generation to live without fear of harassment in public spaces. Why we care: Street harassment–ranging from comments like “You’d look good on me” to groping, flashing and assault–is a daily, global reality for many girls and women and fuels a cultural … Continued

A Week In Our Shoes: 9 NEW SITES LAUNCH!

This past monday, April 15, Hollaback! launched NINE new sites! A HUGE Hollaback! welcome to our new amazing street harassment avengers: Hollaback! Antwerp (Antwerp, Belgium) Hollaback! Appalachian (Appalachian, Ohio, USA) Hollaback! Athens (Athens, Georgia, USA) Hollaback! Belfast (Belfast, Northern Ireland) Hollaback! Bosnia and Herzegovina Hollaback! Chemnitz (Chemnitz, Germany) Hollaback! Hamilton (Hamilton, Canada) Hollaback! Los Angeles … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: One Less Customer

I have a cat and I’m pretty broke, so I was thrilled that Science Diet was giving out free samples near my office. Well, I was thrilled until I got there. The man giving out samples decided it was a good idea to call me “pretty eyes” as if that was my name. Igave him … Continued