Sophia’s story: “I just wanted to let you know that I am 15. And what you said is NOT OK”

I was waiting for my friend to pay for her ticket as we got on the bus when a man started calling at me “eh eh eh” I was confused if he was talking to me but when I looked at him he said “Take off all your clothes eh?” and laughed I looked at him with total shock and disgust I assume because he said “It was just a joke” as if that made it ok, I told him in a loud and clear voice “That was not funny at all” we walked to the back of the bus and sat down but I was shaking I was so mad so I got up and walked back to where then man was sitting and told him “I just wanted to let you know that I am 15. And what you said is NOT OK, you can not speak to women like that, Never say that to a girl ever again” and started to walk back to my seat he called after me “It was just a joke I said I was sorry” he kind of went on like that for awhile getting pissed off, He called to the bus driver to kick me off the bus, The bus driver ignored him but a woman sitting across from him said “What she said was completely justified what you said was totally inappropriate, If anything you should be the one kicked off the bus” (Thank you random lady!!!) he shut up and got off the bus a couple stops later. The thing that made me the most mad though that the harasser was sitting in the seat closest to the bus driver and I made myself very loud and clear,there was no way the bus driver did not hear what was going on, yet he did nothing. I looked at what the id number for the bus was but forgot to write it down, and after coming back to these sites I should have taken his picture.
This is not the first time I’ve been harassed on that bus as it does go through the area that most parent wouldn’t let them on at night, but sadly I ave to take it every day to get home (I’ve had a guy try and sell me crack on that bus)
I called the bus company and asked what do I do in that situation of sexual harassment and they said tell the bus driver, I have gone to the bus driver and told him there is a drunk man who rolled onto the floor and was grabbing at me and another young girl. He did nothing. The only time I’ve seen a bus driver do anything is when he is getting mad at me for not showing my ticket. Is it not part of their responsibly to ensure the safety of their passengers?