Week In Our Shoes: One Billion Rising Edition

Hello Hollas–

Happy V-day everyone! Its been a super exciting week preparing for One Billion Rising. Here is the very impressive list of what many of our sites did for the big day:

The Dear John campaign is well on its way! Lets keep those letters coming in!! And if you or anyone you know would like to hollaback ONCE AND FOR ALL at a current or former harasser, send a Dear John letters to [email protected]

Hollaback! NYC posted a statement about holding assembly member Vito Lopez accountable for his consistant and inexcusable sexual harassment in his workplace. Read the statement on the site!

Hollaback! Brussels is playing an important role in the big sexism debate currently going on in Germany. The debate was originally triggered by an article by a journalist who was harassed by a prominent German politician. Brussels site leader Angelika spoke at the European Parliament this week about the issue and met with a representative of the European Women’s Lobby. Incredible!

Hollaback! Czech Republic is the official organization that is leading the way for One Billion Rising Czech Republic! On Thursday, they took to the steps of the National Museum on Wenceslas Square to rise and dance. Check out the amazing photo project they put together for the big day.

Hollaback! Berlin is going strong with their Cats Against Catcalling music compilation. Don’t forget to submit by April 15th.

Hollaback! RVA had a SWEET valentines day dance party benefit for Hollaback! RVA. The event was complete with DJ CON and DJ Sean Lovelace and of course, a kissing booth!

Hollaback! Dresden did some rising and dancing this V-day! It was a day of both choreographed and free dancing to fight gender-based violence. Check out details on their site!

Hollaback! Ottawa is meeting with City Councillor Diane Deans and the Chief Constable of OC Transpo this week to talk about ways they can work together to end street harassment on public transit. Many, many of the harassment stories we get at Hollaback! take place on public transit. This is very necessary work, way to go Ottawa!

Hollaback! Baltimore is part of the Maryland Coalition for Trans Equality, a very impressive group of organizations working to advance equal rights for transgender, transsexual, and gender non-conforming people in Maryland. to help ensure equal rights ALL Maryland citizens regardless of gender identity or expression! Way to represent, Bmore Hollas!

Hollaback! Boston posted a roundup of recent happenings in the media and Hollaback! regarding the international discussion on street harassment. Boston also posted on their site about the very awesome new study by some fellow hollas on the positive psychological and behavioral effects of sharing your story of harassment after the harassment happens. Lets not forget what a great opportunity Hollaback! is in so many ways, not just for community, awareness-raising, and fighting inequality, but also for a collective form of healing.

Hollaback! San Francisco took part in SF’s Flash Mob Prayerdance at the Civic Center Demonstration and Beyond Borders, the Official V-Day Flash Mob After Party in San Francisco at El Rio.

Hollaback! Poland is doing a fantastic job speaking out in the wake of the Polish national upsurge against politician Janusz Palikot’s recent sexist language. Check out their facebook page for articles, and actions they are planning regarding the issue. The site also participated in One Billion Rising, dancing and supporting friends and fellow organizations.

Hollaback! Italia held some very fun rehearsals in preparation for thursday’s One Billion Rising. In partnership with One Billion Rising Milan, the site helped get ready for the big day. You can check out photos and updates here!

Hollaback! Chandigarh rose with Chandigarh’s One Billion Rising at the Government Museum and Art Gallery this V-Day. There, they participated in discussion and a self-defense workshop.

Hollaback! Dublin got the word out about their local One Billion Rising and why it is important to rise together this V-Day. Check out their site to find out why Hollaback! Dublin is rising!

Hollaback! Melbourne is ON FIRE with their most recent posting in response to a very negative and ignorant comment by someone who came across the site. Read Melbourne’s very articulate and animated reply as they take this guy to town!

Fantastic job this week, everyone. Way to dance, rise, speak out, and Hollaback!

Holla and out —


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