State of the Streets: Croatia

“Story sharing is a novelty in Croatia…. We offer innovative ways of activism with our web based approach.” – Barbara Perasović


Harassment of women in Croatia is a widespread phenomenon and has an impact on the lives of many women and LGBTQ people. However, in Croatia, the phenomenon of street harassment is rarely discussed in public discourse or even within women’s nonprofit organizations.  Hollaback! Croatia launched in April 2011 with the aim of raising awareness about street harassment and providing an additional space for the empowerment of women.  Hollaback! Croatia’s most successful event this year was SlutParty, an event organized in conjunction with Zagreb Pride and leading up to Pride festivities.  The main goals of SlutParty were to protest victim blaming, to connect with the local LGBT community, and to highlight the work of SlutWalks around the world.  In the next year, Hollaback! Croatia looks forward to analyzing the results of their online survey, which was the first ever to explore the incidence and consequences of street harassment in Croatia. Hollaback! Croatia also plans to expand their anti-street harassment workshops into local schools.


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