State of the Streets: Montreal

“Street harassment is something that has plagued me for my entire adult life…. I wanted to start up a Hollaback! site here to work towards the goal of eradicating street harassment in my own city, as well as to contribute to a global culture which does not accept street harassment.” – Kira Poirier

Site Leaders Kira and Nadia got involved with Hollaback! in hopes of starting a discussion about street harassment in Montreal, and they have been ecstatic about how much progress their site has made in such a short time.  One of their main focuses in the past year has been to expand the bilingualism of the site, in order to reach both French and English speakers in Montreal.  The site’s most successful events have been movie screenings followed by open forum discussions.  Kira reports: “[The event] was quite a success and [we had] a very interesting and insightful discussion on individual experiences of street harassment and strategies on how to best deal with it.”  In the long term, Hollaback! Montreal hopes to use Hollaback!’s maps of where the harassment is occurring to allocate resources to the most affected communities. Hollaback! Montreal also hopes to strengthen ties with feminist and LGBTQ organizations, while building on their relationship with their local university’s social justice community.

To read our entire 2012 State of the Streets Report, click here.  Donate to keep this movement moving.

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