A week in our shoes: HOLLAday PARTY EDITION!

Hey Hollabackers!

The HOLLAdays are here! Here at the mothership we released our state of the streets report, held our second annual HOLLAday party, and continued our 31 DAYS OF HOLLA campaign on Facebook.


We’re knee deep in our end of year campaign, and we’ve raised $5,500 so far thank you awesome people. But we’ve got a ways to go, so if you’re planning on giving, we want you to know one very important thing: YOU RULE. (also, here’s the link).


The HOLLAdays haven’t slowed our site leaders down. Check out this magic:

southafricacosmoHollaback South Africa was in Cosmo!

Hollaback Chandigarh launches “The Pledge Project” to encourage their city to stand up and take action when they see harassment or rape happening.

Hollaback Philly needs you to vote for them for the DoGooder Awards! Co-site leader Anna Kegler also wrote this great article on sexual violence prevention for HuffPo.

Hollaback Buenos Aires was interviewed by Genderit.org.

Hollaback Melbourne’s “Days of Christmas” campaign brings the sassy anti-street harassment sentiment to the holidays.

Hollaback Fredericksburg’s discussion panel on ways to promote the role of women in Fredericksburg’s music scene got press.

Hollaback Brussels has had one incredible year. You’ve got to read it to believe it.

Hollaback Victoria participated in the Red Umbrella March on International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

Hollaback Winnipeg releases its second-ever vlog – on bystanders!

Hollaback London releases the second-ever Langdon Olgar zine.

Hollaback Delhi reacts to a terrible local local rape.

Hollaback Edinburgh got funding from the Feminist Review Trust!

Hollaback Des Moines’s HOLLAday GIFs continue!

Hollaback Rutgers screams against gender-based violence on campus.

Busy, busy, busy! Make 2013 even better by donating now.

HOLLA and out —



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