Month: October 2012

HOLLA ON THE GO: Even in Surfer’s Paradise

My best friend and I were staying in Surfer’s Paradise in Feb 2012 and we were walking to our hotel room around 1:30am and this weird guy roughly 35 came up and said he just arrived here and wanted to know the best night club. He constantly tried to get us in his car. Was … Continued

Cady’s story: Hollaback-ing at Home Depot

I was sweaty and gross walking to my car from the gym when a truck with two men in it drove behind me. One of them whistled. I was already in a bad mood and my blood was pumping from my workout. I turned around and flipped off the truck. This, predictably, elicited a, “Yeah, … Continued


I was at Walgreens when two men in the aisle made a comment about the size of my “buns” as I walked away. They also called, “Hey sexy,” at me as they saw me drive out of the parking lot. I felt disgusted and completely humiliated.

Leah’s story: “You should be ashamed of yourself”

I was walking on a crowded street in midtown Manhattan when a man blocked my path. He said, “how you doin’, gorgeous?” I responded, “that’s street harassment! You should be ashamed of yourself” and then walked away without giving him a chance to engage further. Hollaback has taught me that I should call street harassment … Continued

Mary’s story: Street harassment in Pittsburgh

I come from NYC where cat calls are bad, my comfort was there are people everywhere. Now I’m in Pittsburgh and I feel so vulnerable I don’t like to even leave my apt. I am always nervous walking, at bus stations, and on the bus.

MEAT: A Raunchy Role Reversing Street Harassment Skit

From the creators at Slampow! Productions: “Cat calls and wolf whistles shouldn’t be a city girl’s soundtrack. “Meat” is a role reversing comedic short video that parodies  raunchy and  obscene street harassment experiences felt by women.  Although this 3 minute skit is clearly an exageration, it speaks to the absurdity of vocalized objectification.”