Month: October 2012

Marie’s story: “He threatened to ‘bash my head in.'”

I was crossing the street on my way to Union Square when a man walking beside me asked about the name on my shopping bag. I told him it was a store. He asked what they sold and I responded “clothes.” He then became very angry saying, “Oh, you’re going to give me attitude? You … Continued

Claire’s story: Even at the grocery store

This happened last week. I know it’s not on the street but it was still uncalled for. It happened in a grocery store. It was my first time in the store since I had just moved to the area. Not 5 minutes into shopping, I hear someone whistling. When I look up, there’s a male … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: In the toilets!? Yeah right.

Man on a train approached me when I was sitting reading and repeatedly told me how sexy I was and when I told him I was going to meet my boyfriend he said ‘oh so you’re not going to fuck me in the toilets then’ it was in an empty train carriage at 22:30 at … Continued


Dear Hollabackers, It’s been another productive week at Hollaback and I couldn’t be more proud of our incredible network of activists worldwide who work tirelessly to end street harassment in increasingly creative ways. Check out People Magazine. The article was just published online and highlights our work in the “Heroes Among Us” series. To be published … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Once over

I was walking to my bus stop when a man decided to give me the “once over” and made lewd comments about my physical appearance. [got_back]

Amanda’s story: “The memory continues to haunt me”

I have experienced street harassment. Last year, I walked past an Italian restaurant in Watertown, near Boston, when two men hollered at me from the patio. These men looked about 75 years old, and I was 16 when this happened. They told me, “Hey girl! Come over here!” I know that doesn’t sound like much, … Continued

Anne’s story: Horrifying and cruel

A man rushed up behind me on the car park escalator and ejaculated all over the back of my dress then disappeared . I wandered the streets in shock. Two weeks later a woman was abducted from the same location and driven to bush land raped multiple times then her throat was slit and she … Continued