Rosie’s story: I was supposed to completely ignore it or be rendered utterly weak and impotent…

I have a crude story of street harassment.
It was in the market town of Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, England. (In the south east of England.)
This happened yesterday (22nd August, 2012), I had just left the cinema (movie theater) to pick up some tickets, it was afternoon.
As I was getting ready to cross the road, a man says “He wants to do you up the arse” and pointed to his friend. They were only a small distance from me. There was nobody else nearby, which may have empowered him to say it.
When I looked at them in disgust he said to his friend “Oh sh*t, she’s looking” and LAUGHED. (?!?!?!) I suppose I was supposed to completely ignore or be rendered utterly weak and impotent by the revelation.
Absolutely no respect for women. They think we’re so weak. They think they can say what they want to our faces and get away with it. Where do they learn such an unhealthy attitude? It makes me MAD!
Bedfordshire, UK.

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