Month: July 2012

Parisa’s Story: Several experiences

Oh, I wish it were just one address, one intersection, one story… I just have to say these are some NY experiences for me… WORDS: Countless catcalls. In addition to the usual “Hey, sexy.”, etc, a few examples are: “Smile! Why you looking so sad?” [apparently not smiling for no reason=sad]. This is remarkably common, … Continued

A week in our shoes: THINGS THAT RULE EDITION

Hey Hollabackers! We hope you’re having a beautiful harassment-free summer! Here’s what we’ve been up to this week: Interns rule.  A big thank you to our summer interns Sunny Frothingham and Rikera Taylor.  Sunny worked on this year’s “State of the Streets” report, which will be released this fall, and in doing so elevated the … Continued

Kara’s story: campus harassment, in a dorm.

I am not sure if my story fits the hollaback-movement, but I think it does. the situation was not on a street but in a kind of a semi-public place: in a dormitory of the university in bochum. I have lived in the dormitory for the last three years. we have 5 floors with about … Continued

Maureen’s story: pervs on wheels

I was in eighth grade, when I was groped by a middle-aged man at a skating rink. I had been standing with a group of friends listening to a story when the man passed by me and grabbed me by my hips from behind – in an attempt to make it appear as if he … Continued

Margaret’s story: unwanted hugs is harassment, too.

I was walking down the street and a somewhat but noticeably irrational man decided to start walking and talking with me. He incoherently told me how well he treats women, and how he would take them out, basically trying to convince me hes a good guy for me. He continues to rant absurdities, and I … Continued

Photo Op: Fighting Harassment with Fashion and Photography

Sya Groosman is a talented, passionate college student and photographer in London who has big dreams to make an artistic impact to fight sexual/street harassment. With her culminating project at the University of Arts, she hopes to raise people’s awareness of the low conviction rates of sexual harassment while channeling her interest in fashion. She … Continued