Amanda’s Story: It’s just very disrespectful to the women population in this society

So im walking home from my friends house and im on the phone with my mom telling her im almost home & as im talking to her a bunch of guys in a car blow me a kiss and say heeeey. So i keep walking & they drive away. I walk 3 more blocks , approximetely by my house & all i hear is BEEEEEEEEEEEP so i turn around because i thought there had been a car accident but its the guy tryna holla at me again & my mom panics and left the house to come and get me. it really pisses me off when guys do that, like seriously theyre like 30 & theyre tryna talk to a 13 year old girl ? like seriously? could you have a little more respect? Like i dont know why they think its gonna make us talk to them because it only gets us pissed off , & just because we’re petite at this age & pretty doesnt mean we should get treated like this, like we’re some sort of sex toy they can have when we dont even know them. I cant even go out in the streets with a guy staring me down or trying to hit on me/ & its sad that theres nothing they can officialy do about this bc once it happens its done, unless you get a lisence plate, but its just very disrespectful to the women population in this society, & when we go outside we tend to get scared of any guy that walks our way because its becoming a regular thing nowadays and it shouldnt be, not even if youre older.

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