Only hours left: Margaret’s story about campus harassment


They called her a whore her freshman year. Now she wants to bring Hollaback to New York University.

Margaret is a student at a college in New York CIty. During her freshman year, she was walking across campus, when a group of men whom she did not know approached her and shouted that she was a whore. Margaret was confused and did not know what to do. She decided to keep on walking.

Soon, an older man came out of his store. The man, who was a complete stranger to Margaret, looked at her and said simply, “I’m so sorry that you had to go through that.”

In that moment, Margaret realized, “What just happened to me wasn’t okay–and it wasn’t normal.”

In Margaret’s story, a brave bystander intervened in a situation that was clearly wrong, and offered his support to a woman who was being harassed. The bystander’s brief statement created a powerful impact; Margaret immediately understood that sexual harassment was not normal, was not acceptable, and most importantly, was not her fault.

One changemaker creates another. When Margaret realized that what was happened to her was wrong, she decided to support others who were experiencing sexual harassment on campus. Now, Margaret is working with her feminist club to bring Hollaback to New York University this coming fall.

Today we’re asking you, “Can you be that brave bystander who helps stop campus harassment?” Since you don’t all own shops on college campuses, we’re empowering you stop sexual harassment at colleges across America in the following way.

Here’s how you can step up and help students like Margaret: by donating to Hollaback’s campaign to end sexual harassment on college campuses.

We know there are countless individuals out there who are brave enough to intervene when they see something happening that is clearly wrong. Use your voice and your power to show others what’s right, and donate to Hollaback!’s campaign against campus harassement. Our campaign ends tomorrow, so this is your last chance to speak up!




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