Sexual Assault Caught On National TV


Today I witnessed one of the worst and most blatant abuses of a woman’s human rights ever caught on live national television.

During an episode of Discovery Channel’s “Lockdown” a male corrections officer is seen sexually assaulting a young woman in custody. The clearly distressed female is heard pleading “stop touching me” and the guard is seen groping her breasts twice, after the second grope the officer appears to be smirking.

The assault can be seen between 1:25 and 1:34 on the YouTube footage and it is clear that the guard touches the victim’s breasts twice intentionally. Look at the video below to judge for yourself, there is no question that he is committing a crime:

This is not right.

Prisoner or not, no one has the right to touch you inappropriately on your body; not a police officer and not a prison guard. Official procedure exists stipulating how to pat down a prisoner. As a former security guard for the port of New Orleans, the way that woman was violated is unacceptable. It is impossible that any of the officers were permitted to touch her like that. From my experiences with the prison-industrial complex, the only time a pat down is warranted is if the prisoner is being accused of a felony or has been found to have drugs in her/his possession.

Sadly, the sexual abuse of women, from my experiences with the jail system, as well as the countless other women who have been locked up in the prison industrial complex, occurs all too often. It is allowed because of prejudiced attitudes towards those, who in many cases have either never been found guilty and/ or accused of survival crimes, that are deemed no longer human or worthy of respect because they broke the law.

In most cases these types of victims do not feel that they have the voice to speak out, but today I ask you to join with me and give this woman a voice by signing the petition below:

Please help in the campaign to see that this woman gets justice by ensuring that this officer, who clearly committed a crime, is prosecuted for his offence and a strong message is sent that no officer is above the law.

Thank you!

3 responses to “Sexual Assault Caught On National TV

  1. I don’t think that was sexual assault at all. While the officer clearly touched her breast, it is does not appear to be intentional. The girl was cursing the officers and throwing a fit. If you’re having a fit and flailing your body around then it’s hard to claim sexual assault if an officer inadvertently touches your breast while trying to get a hold of you. The male officer did make a face, but it was subtly and could have easily been embarrassment at having touched her – that would probably be my reaction. I understand that abuse certainly happens and is an problem, but this post is really reaching…

  2. Aren’t they supposed to have women guards to search and whatever else they have to do, with women prisoners?

    Yes, the male guard did make a face. It could’ve been embarrassment.

  3. Anyone who doesn’t see a sexual assault here is a sicko or a moron. It’s blatantly obvious. The so-called “guards” need to be shot – remember it’s not just man enjoying groping the woman, it’s a female guard who gropes her vagina too.

    Irene and Luis, stop making excuses you fucking idiots. Of course the woman was flailing around – she was being molested for fuck sake!

    If you see the guards, live in the USA, and own a weapon: you know what to do.

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