Carey’s Story: An invasion of space

Today after work (around 6pm) my friend and I stopped at the awesome churro truck that is usually parked on Echo Park ave just south of Sunset blvd. We’re standing at the window, and right as my friend is placing her order a man comes up to me and kisses my hair. When I jump back and yell, “what the fuck!?” he starts to laugh. He says, “I scared you didn’t I?” I got really upset and started yelling at him to get away from me. My friend stepped in between us and told him to get away from me. He started yelling back at us that he didn’t touch me. We turn our backs to him, and he starts to walk away. But as he is walking away he starts yelling, “if I ever see you again I’m gonna fuck you up!” He yelled it multiple times as he walked towards Sunset Blvd.

Hollaback LA where are you!?