Erin’s Story: Inappropriate behavior

I’m a female of 20 years of age and I am quite attractive in the sexual senses.  On July 25th 2011 I was taking the last 97 bus home from the downtown club scene when a really creepy man started hitting on me and groping me in inappropriate ways.  This was like another time when an older man was jacking off in the back of the bus and staring at all the people in the front.  Anyway, he wouldn’t stop being rude and obnoxious and by the time I got off at my stop he followed me and was getting worse.  He told me to follow him into a nearby bush to have sex with him but I told him to go away. Eventually bad got to worse and he started groping me and I had to call the cops who didn’t show up.  I called my boyfriend and he showed up and saved me from what could have been an act of sexual molestation.