Alma’s Story: Harassment at any age

Today is the gay pride festival in Amsterdam, which is widely celebrated! But every year it gets used as an excuse to party and get drunk, and not as a celebration of acceptance and lgbtq’s. So the vibes on this day are never that great, but I decided to go out for an evening stroll anyway. I wanted to go out for 15 minutes or so, but I returned after 5, because in those 5 minutes I had been made to feel like shit.

I walked past a square where a party had just ended so it was emptying out. First a group of boys walked past me, way too close for it to be acceptable, and made a comment to me in French. FIFTEEN meters further a man in his late 20s came up to me, and started asking me why I was looking so angry and where I was going to. I felt pretty uncomfortable and annoyed, but I didn’t dare to tell him to just leave me alone. So I just answered his questions vaguely, while he made some pretty sexist comments to me. He claimed that if he could get a good look at me, he would be able to see if I was a lesbian, which disgusted me even more. After a couple of minutes I cut the conversation short and headed back to my house. One minute later, a thirty year old man said something about me being hot, and that he wanted to take me home. All of this happened in a distance of 200 meters.

In the day time street harassment doesn’t occur much here, but at night it can be pretty bad, this was just one of the many examples, ranging from rude comments to being followed. And the worst part? I’m 15.