Why we need the “I’ve got your back” campaign: Blue’s story

This was before I heard about Hollaback on the news awhile back but here’s my story. I was on my way to the train station after getting out of class. When I was going up the escalator to the ticket booth I saw a man going down the stairs to my left who was starring at me. I tried not to notice and looked up at the ticketing booth hoping he’d keep moving the opposite direction. He said something along the lines of don’t you look nice, in which I smugly responded with a thanks… I would have just ignored it, however I’ve dealt with too many instances in the past where I ignore the catcalls and they then proceed to follow me. I was hoping in this case that it would deter that type of interaction. Wrong. He then turned around on the stairs and began walking up along side of me. I then proceeded to ignore him and look away in disgust. The filth that was pouring out of him mouth was unbelievable, detailing the things he’d do to me and his lewd comments about my body that made my flesh crawl. I told him to leave me alone but he pressed on. He stood next to me as I was waiting in line for the automated ticket machine to open up. It wasn’t late at night, there was light pouring through the windows. There were a number of people waiting in the train station lobby that were viewing the interaction, but yet I felt alone. The pervert then propositioned us to go into the bathroom together and I was speechless that he had the audacity to suggest such a thing. I wanted to use harsh words but I was afraid that if I did if it would prompt him to attack me, and if everyone would just watch that as well. I stormed off to the man that was at the ticket counter, where finally the scumbag left me alone. I told one of my male friends what happened, and he interjected with…”well what were you wearing?”. That was almost as offensive as everything that I just went though. What a rotten day.

The time has come for people to stop standing there, watching, and judging when they see others being stalked and harassed. To make sure Blue’s story never happens again, and to build a world where we all have each other’s backs, donate today.

5 responses to “Why we need the “I’ve got your back” campaign: Blue’s story

  1. What were you wearing?!?! That’s disgusting, it perpetuates this idea that women who wear certain things deserve to be harrass. Even if you were wearing something slightly revealing, it doesn’t give anyone the right to approach you.

  2. Exactly. Its like how I’ve been robbed a few times on my way home at midnight through that alley and the police always look at me funny because of all the jewelry I was wearing and cash I was carrying in my hand. How dare they! Its my right to wear all the jewelry i want and carry cash in my hand!

  3. @ Jamey: Right. And that’s why women who wear burquas don’t get raped. Oh, wait. Listen, harassment has nothing to do with what a woman is wearing. I’ve been harassed and hooted at while wearing a knee length winter coat. Every woman can tell you that. It’s about power and intimidation, not the scantiness of the clothing.

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