Tabby’s story: “So cheers guys, totally ruined my night …”

Me and my little sister (21 and 18) were walking through town on our way to a night out. As we walked up the corner, her slightly ahead of me, some “lads” started shouting at me from their taxi…”nice arse” etc. I ignored them and we carried on walking, as the taxi pulled round the corner, the boys leaned out the window and now seeing both me and my sister for the first time, shouted at me “not you love, you’re ugly! but the other one, you’re fit! i’d shag you.”
Not only was i embarrassed and angered that they’d even shout this kind of thing from a taxi on a busy street on a saturday night, but it also left me feeling insecure and upset – more upset that as a 21 year old woman I could even let something like that get to me. It also made me worry for my sister, attracting people like that. What do people say to her when I’m not around? So cheers guys, totally ruined my night for a couple of seconds that has probably never crossed your minds since.
Also, taxi drivers should not let this happen!