Hey, Google, throw us a bone!

If you’ve ever lived or studied abroad, you may have celebrated a holiday that we have yet to recognize widely here in the States: International Women’s Day.

In Italy, men give handfuls of flowers to the women in their lives each year on March 8.

Google changes its logo for everything, but Hollaback couldn’t help but notice no cool new logo last year for the holiday. Some internet research reveals that Google appeared to have added the female symbol to its logo back in 2005, but nothing has been done since. Apparently this is not the case for Google users abroad who report that the company has in fact been keeping up with the holiday.

What is your experience? Have you ever celebrated or been the recipient of gifts on International Women’s Day while abroad? How do people in other cultures celebrate this day, and can anyone explain Google’s reluctance to honor it?

2 responses to “Hey, Google, throw us a bone!

  1. I’d never heard of the holiday before living in Kyiv, Ukraine for a few months in 2006. On that day a number of men smiled at me (non-threateningly!), and one even handed me a single rose. I was absolutely amazed, and it was wonderful. I think we could really use that holiday here. I couldn’t even begin to guess why Google doesn’t acknowledge it the way it does other holidays, though.

  2. It garnered quite some attention this year in Canada. I live in the capital so I saw mention and celebration all around the place and only hope it was widespread throughout the country.

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