Power in numbers

A friend of mine and I had taken a taxi from a movie back to our hostel while visiting Boston. Because of one way streets and odd intersections, the taxi dropped us off near but not at our destination. On that short walk however, two guys in a car started going really slowly and calling to us. We told them we weren’t interested and asked them to just leave us alone and go away. Rather than comply, their cat calling just got more aggressive and lewd so we told them to fuck off. They flipped out at that and started screaming insults at us. We saw two other men up the street and ran to them and asked them to please just stay for a minute. They were terrified and so were we. The jerks stopped the car, got out and proceed to call us whores and bitches but our power in numbers (and I’m pretty certain it was only that) forced them to eventually back down and drive away. In retrospect we probably should have reported it but we just ran to our hostel and we thankful we weren’t hurt.

Submitted by Kate

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