Your fancy phallic crane, my badass response

This guy sure thinks he’s a hotshot when he’s on the end of this big fancy phallic crane. So he decides to catcall a few ladies on their way to the train station this morning. As soon as I told him I was taking his photo for Hollaback fame, he didn’t feel so good anymore. And then all his buddies started laughing at him.

This happens a lot at this construction site. You stay classy, Carroll Gardens!

Submitted by Katharine

5 responses to “Your fancy phallic crane, my badass response

  1. His fool butt surely doesn’t look so tough anymore! Well done.

    I see a company name and phone number on that crane. Did you consider calling the company to report this creep as well?

  2. That’s a good idea. I’m just thinking the foreman will probably high five the guy after I get off the phone, you know?

    1. Oh Girl! Please do call!! And don’t settle for a foreman; find/call the company’s owner!! And if you know whose property they were working on, call that owner too. Sexual harrassment is deplorable and no reputable business wants to be associated with it. Governmental agences have zero tolerance policies, so if the creep was working on public property, such actions could cost him his job. Hearing that may cool his ardor and teach him to keep his trap shut!trap!!

    2. I agree with Sandy. Please report this buffoon! If the foreman doesn’t care, keep going above to the next level until you find someone who cares. Don’t get discouraged.

      Keep us posted on what you decide to do. You have our support!

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