When lines of racial and sexual harassment blur together into one crappy situation

I’m prefacing this story with the fact that I’m a person of color as race unfortunately comes up in this already crappy situation.

Yesterday, I woke up late for work and as I was scrambling to get out the door, I left my headphones and book at home – my usual way of blocking out street creeps. The whole day I was noticing that guys were just staring at my chest and saying creepy things. Perhaps it was because I wasn’t distracted by music that I was noticing it so much. After the third leering fool, I said to myself, “The next comment I get, I’m going to snap.”

On my way home from work, I had to walk through that long passage from the 1,2,3 trains to the L and I noticed that a guy was walking next to me and keeping in stride with me. I tried to ignore him but then he said, “You look like you’ve had a long day…” I continued to ignore him. Then he said, “Oh, that’s how it is? That’s how you get off?” And…I snapped. I said to him, “Leave me the fuck alone, dude. I don’t know you. Just get away from me and leave me alone.” He paused and then started to scream, “You stupid bitch. You stupid fucking bitch. Look at your converse – you want to be white, you fake white bitch!” I’m still in the passage way and there is no where to go but forward or backwards. I continue to say “Leave me alone.” and try to push through the crowd of people. He is still screaming until we get to the L train platform where he attempts to get into the same car as me but I duck into another one at the last minute.

I don’t regret saying something though I have this feeling of shame and failure as well.

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4 responses to “When lines of racial and sexual harassment blur together into one crappy situation

  1. I can sadly relate to the “you wanna be white!” commentary from harassers. I’m black, and when I respond to same race harassers that is the most popular response from them, along with “you think you betta than me!” and “stuck up bitch!”.

    Know that their ignorant asses are showing their insecurity with those stupid responses. While being called “white” and “stuck up” make me cringe, I can flip the “better than me” commentary to work for me. Yes, I do think I’m better than you because I have too much respect for myself to think your crude, racist and sexist commentary is meant to be complimentary.

  2. Those feelings are what give creepazoids like that their male privilege… or white privilege if he was also white. You’re incredibly brave for standing up to him, and have nothing to be ashamed for!

    As far as I’m concerned, there’s no such thing as “being black” or “being white.” There’s only being yourself.

  3. I’m not black but I completely understand where youre coming from. I used to live in a predominantly black area and being one of the only white girls, I felt singled out often by the local guys even though my HF was black. It was scary most of the time having to walk home from work and seeing a group of guys and not knowing if I’m going to have a problem. It’s everywhere, no matter what color you are.

  4. You must know that you are powerful. You did the right thing and used your voice. The next time this creep attempts to shove his way into someones life…he will remember you and your assertive attempt to tell him to go away. I am so happy you where not hurt. Congratulations! You just put one more “JACK ASS” in his place. In the future get some mace. Love and HUGS!


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