“You got beautiful feet.” Good one.

This took place today in LA. I was waiting on my bike to cross at an intersection and there were three random guys standing around trying to scalp tickets to a football game. One says, “Hey, gorgeous, how you doin?” I was completely bundled up, wearing a long coat and a scarf. I was also wearing flip flops (it’s LA after all). Another one says “Hey girl, you got beautiful feet. You got beautiful feet.” I didn’t really know what to do so I just rode off on my bike.

Just because I’m wearing flip flops doesn’t mean you can appraise the attractiveness of my feet. Though it did kind of make me laugh that that was the only thing the guy could think of to say, since I had no other skin showing (although even if I had, it wouldn’t give him the right to comment on it).

I pray that these guys find something better to do with their lives than stand on street corners trying to scalp tickets and harass women.

Submitted by Amanda

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  1. The same thing happened to me in NY! I was out shopping and since it was summer, I was wearing flip flops. Some creep walks next to me and says, “You got beautiful feet.” I’d prefer if he kept his comments to himself instead of sharing it with me, especially since I don’t give a damn if he likes my feet or not.

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