It gets better… but let’s face it. Being gay isn’t easy.

First, THANK YOU for initiating this movement. I have experienced street attacks on multiple occasions ranging from the words “queer” and “dyke” to having golf balls thrown at me.

I have also experienced a gang attack where people wrote phrases and pictures all over my body while others watched — this was in a home and was never prosecuted. The pictures involved drawings of penises, breasts, and words such as “eat me,” “cunt,” and “enter here.” This evening also involved a rape.

Although this happened in a home and not on the street I bring this up because a) it was unprosecuted suggesting that it is that much more imperative that “we the people” take our streets back, b) it involved bystanders who did nothing, so your movement to get others involved with doing the right thing is encouraging.

I am an activist in my community in Lansing, Michigan — wearing many hats working with teens who are homeless, teens who are bullied (and inactive bystanders), and LGBTIQ youth.

Submitted by Veronica

If verbal harassment is okay, then groping is okay. If groping is okay then violence is okay…where is your boundary? IT ISN’T FREE SPEECH IF SOMEONE IS GETTING HURT. Help us today, show your support with a $5 donation. Thank you.

2 responses to “It gets better… but let’s face it. Being gay isn’t easy.

  1. 1st I want to say that you are an awesome person and you are truly that all should look up to. I’m my eyes you are a HERO! I am really sorry that you had to go through all the horrible things that you had to face. It shows that you can make your life the best that you can and that’s telling all what you had to face and all the challenges that you had to face and over come. Keep the good work up!

  2. Damn, girl, you have gone through a lot. But you are a hero for standing up for change and acting in support of the youth in your community.

    It’s always rough… when I was dating men and women I was harassed regularly and raped twice by a “friend”. Now that I date women exclusively and my look has changed, I’ve been called dyke, faggot, and dyke faggot whore (lol. I can’t believe how many times I hear “dyke faggot” strung together as a word), cunt, bitch and all the variations more times than I can count. Bottles thrown at my head, cars swerving towards me when I’m in crosswalks… yeah. I feel you.

    Thanks for posting your story and letting more people know they’re not alone and that they can not only survive but go on to change the world in a positive way. Keep the faith! I’m so glad you’re ok and living your life to the fullest.

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