Note to kid: my ass isn’t your playground. Run along.

I was walking home from [law] school last night around 10:20 p.m. My walk is only about 15 minutes, from Tribeca to the Financial District, and I normally walk very rapidly.

I’m always aware of my surroundings, especially at night, and am careful to remain in well-lit areas where other people are as well. As I was walking down Broadway, I noticed 2 boys in front of me. One was on a razr-type scooter, the other one (orange polo) was just walking.

Eventually I passed them, and as I did, the one of the scooter, who had been going around in a circle said, “Hey gorgeous.” I ignored him and walked faster. After about 30 seconds I could hear both of them behind me, and they were beginning to keep pace with me. They followed me all the way down Broadway, to Fulton Street. Along the way, they were muttering things to each other like “Yeah, she does have a nice ass though.” I probably behaved pretty stupidly, but I thought because there were people all around me, that these guys would give up and leave eventually. They seemed younger and weren’t overly intimidating. I pulled my phone out and had 911 ready-dialed in case it escalated too quickly. They continued to follow me down Fulton Street, but eventually the guy on the scooter pulled back. The second guy was still keeping stride, though, and as I neared a cross street, I heard the scooter guy yell, “Now, Man (Max, Mac?)” and the guy in the orange polo said “Now?,” began running past me, and grabbed my ass. He then slowed, stood at the next corner, and watched me pass. I felt so violated and completely degraded. I took a picture of him with my camera phone as I walked by him, because it\’s all I could think to do, but it came out very blurry.

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  1. This is just a step in the progression of kid’s toys eniiatrentng THEM instead of the kids using their imaginations. Now a “toy” that’ll walk for them. I work in a Children’s Hospital in Texas, USA and it’s sad to see on a regular basis an 8 yr. old huffing and puffing as he crosses the parking garage, struggling to keep up with him family.About 10 years ago when I started seeing more obese children, I thought wistfully that I sure wish it’d been that way when I was a child, cause I’ve always been overweight, and there were just so few of us back in the 70s. Of course now I realize what an epidemic this “processed food” lifestyle has become, and the effect on all of us.

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