Groping, leads to murder threats, leads to arrest.

I thought I was wearing a particularly unflattering outfit to work that day, but apparently Mr. S. didn’t agree. He was sitting on a bench on the subway platform and slapped my ass as I walked past him on the subway platform. When I yelled at him, he jumped up and started screaming at me and saying he was going to throw me in front of the next train. All the men on the platform started to surround him, one woman grabbed me and pulled me back, and other passengers got two police officers. He was chasing after me screaming about how he was going to kill me when the police approached him from behind. He told the cops I was lying – why would he touch a woman he doesn’t even know? That’s a fantastic question, Mr. S.

This man will be going to the Criminal Court of the City of New York on charges of Forcible Touching (PL130.52), Sexual Abuse in the 3rd Degree (PL130.55) and Unlawful Possession of Marijuana (PL221.05).

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  1. What I find amazing is the way men who harrass turn nasty when they are brought up for it. What’s the point? Not only do they run the risk of arrest but it hardly shows they are secure in their mascinailty as men. They also show themselves up as dangerous, rude and uncivilised – who would want to date a man like that? Who would want to spend time with a man like that? The fact that he was in processions of drugs maybe he was a bit under the influence, if he was it is a good message for “don’t take drugs they make you do stupid things and get you into trouble. I also get the felling that men who harras would not like to be harrased themselves e.g. getting their bottoms slapped, being pinned up against the wall and having threats made against them.

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