HollabackNYC’s Emily May on NBC!

NBC is reporting that the man whose picture was taken while masturbating on the subway was caught. Hollaback’s Emily May was interviewed for the story on behalf of New Yorkers for Safe Transit:

“You know, I’ve seen hundreds of women try and take these reports to the police, and sometimes they are successful. Sometimes they will get someone who is good. Most of the time, they’re not.”

To see the full story, click here. The question is: do you have to take your story to the media for the police to take action? I hope the police will take this story to heart and set protocols and procedures that keep all New Yorkers safe.

Check out our friends at Stop Street Harassment for a comprehensive look at the story.

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  1. re: p.A22 NYT Monday Nov.08, 2010 Hello! I read the article with interest. I have a question please? How to deal with harrassment in housing. i.e. Management and the Co-op Board have held to a hands off response to harrassment of tenants by coop workers i.e. handimen, doormen, et al. There is a fifteen year history/herstory to this all: Unwanted and unsolicited moves towards touching and intimacy on the premises of the apt. co-op. (155 units) One man grabbed me in my apartment when he came to make a repair. Another was a chronic and abusive alcoholic. The current superintendent is housed here and is also a drunk on the job. I was told I was foolish to complain. “We are all family” about the unwanted and unsolicited grabbing. To pick up a package – the workerman repeatedly waits till I reach for it, come towards him in an inclosed area, and then he makes some kind of touch contact. I’ve been stopped going out at the door. My way was blocked repeatedly. I finally went to the police. Of course there are dozens of lonely single women here who are extemely needy and even aged and wanting of the attention.
    The The police issued a warning and said they would make an arrest if any more reports came. But of course it hasn’t ended there.
    There is door slamming and rudeness, and of course no attention to the TASKS of the job: i.e. pkgs. mail. maintenance bills. I am terrified to go out and pass through the lobby. This has made me physically ill. I already have had several cancers diagnosed. And in fact my daughter who was a victim of a r a p e (on the street) at age 11 developed a serious metastized cancer in 1997.
    For over ten years I requested that the Coop Board and Management put a “policy” in place about these unwanted intimacies. I was mocked repeatedly and the gossip grew like a fungus. NO ONE did anything until I went to the police who surprisingly came to the bldg and took action.
    But they cannot be here 24/7 and the door slamming and rudeness continues. I approached the local council person who also refused to discuss the matter. I called the housing authority and that office, too, denied any relationship with theissue. I agree with the statements in the article that unless people make it clear this behavior is untollerable, it will go on and on the way bullies in the school yard beat up on others.

    It is painful to write abou this.
    I would appreciate hearing from you. btw I am now seventy.
    And it is a horror that it doesn’t stop. Abuse isn’t about
    sexuality at all. It is a violence and a abuse of boundaries.
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

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