Everyone is on your side

I took the subway back and forth to high school for all four years. The ride each way was a little over an hour. I always found comfort in the anonymity of the subway and slept all the time during the ride. On the F train back home one day, I was holding on the to one of the poles above. It was extremely crowded and I could feel someone touch my butt. I saw his reflection on the window, against the black of the walls as the subway flew through the dark tunnels. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I always thought that I would turn around the yell at the pervert if I ever found myself in that situation. I imagined myself slapping him in the face or kicking him in the balls. But what I ended up doing was feel extremely embarrassed. Questioning whether this was actually happening. What if this was a mistake? I would be so embarrassed if I called him out when he didn’t do anything. I was so shocked. I just wanted to get to my stop and leave. I felt so dirty on the inside and out.

After it happened, it was hard at first to grasp the reality of it. I always kick myself for not standing up for myself. I regret it even more when I heard the same thing happen to my younger sister when she started going to the same high school.

My advice to all of you? Talk it out if it ever happened to you. If you do find yourself in that situation, remember that everyone is on your side. There is no doubt that what he is doing is unlawful. Kick him in the balls and let everyone know in the car who the pervert is so this won’t happen to someone else you care about.

Submitted by Diana

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