I Whipped It Out (My Phone that is)

This morning around 9:45am on the local green line I sit down and bury my head in a book. I am wearing a hat with a brim since its been raining, which gives me a bit more cover to analyze what people are up to around me.. This guy sitting across the aisle is looking suspicious, leaning forward with a coat in his lap and a leer in his eye.

I go on reading, and glance up briefly and notice this guy has his cock out dangling under his coat and is jerking off while studying the lady sitting next to me. I can feel she is uncomfortable and so am I he’s less than 4 feet away. I have never been in this situation- in broad daylight surrounded by people that are aware but not doing anything.

So I whip mine out..my phone that is- and snap a photo of this idiot. What upsets me more than this individual pleasuring himself in public is that no one else said or did anything! Thats the most unfortunate part to this story. There was a man who was down the bench from this
degenerate and I could tell he could tell what was going on- but he did nothing..he sat and looked a bit shocked.

After snapping this image I got off before my stop and went two or three cars over to find the conductor- I told him what was going on in the cars just a few down- he began radioing the police. I don’t know if they caught the guy, I didn’t wait to find out. I had to get to work, but at least I took action…why didn’t anyone else???

Oh the humanity.

Submitted by Jordan

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