Two Tales from Land of the Asshole

My boyfriend and I were walking to his house after babysitting 6 little children that night. The parents got home around 12 and we ended up playing video games until 3 am.
Leavin their house and making our way across town to my boyfriends, a black small-thing of a truck pulled up beside us, full of American guys [3 I think.], clearly drunk.
One leaned out the window, the music turned down, shouted to me,
“Show us your vagina!” and started to laugh.
Givin them the finger as my boy and I rounded a corner, I shouted clam and clearly back “”only if you show me yours first.”

My best friend from highschool and I were walking towards Tim Hortons for drinks. Being about 11 pm, and summer, a few kids I didn’t know all stopped to sit in front of KFC, facing McDonalds. They were clearly drunk because each had their own bottle of beer.
As we walked past them, they asked us when McDonald’s closed. But since I she was talking to me and I had my headphones on, we didn’t hear them.
So they shouted back “fucking bitches. I only wanted to know what time!”
I whispered to my friend, “Unless you are going to act like Ashlee Simpson, then I don’t reckon they’s let you in.”

Submitted by Reba .

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