Toronto Harasser

Yonge Street at Carlton in Toronto, Canada, April 21, 2006.

Jerk in a hideous blue Ferrari with yellow flames yells out “Hey! Can I fuck you up the ass! Not you, the other one!” while he’s stopped at a red light. About three women were crossing the street at the time, one of whom was holding hands with her daughter, who looked about 9 years old. I went up to this sleaze-bag (he hadn’t been yelling at me), and told him I thought what he said was really rude, and that there was a little girl crossing the street. I asked him: “Is that how you talk to little girls, too?” He started rambling about having me arrested (what?), to which I of course repsonded that I would write down his license plate number and have him charged with sexual harassment. I turned to walk away as the light changed, and he said “I like your ass!” So, I spit on his car, and he responded by spraying a wimpy bit of spit at me. What a pig.

Written by Daya.

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