Month: May 2006


Downtown Portland transit center- waiting for a bus to get out to the other side of town for a job interview. Guy walks up behind me, lets out a wolf whistle. Walks around in front of me and says: “Lady, has anyone told you that you have a beautiful ass? It’s beautiful, and so big!” … Continued

Street Harasser to Grandpa in 2.5 seconds

Walking down 8th avenue in Park Slope I hear him mutter, “Nice, very nice. Sexy lady” as he stares me up and down. I whipped around and holla’ed “What did you say?” He took a pregnant pause, “You’re a good girl. A good girl.” Then, I shit you not, he pulls this out of his … Continued

So NOT Necessary!

This douchequake made kissy noises at me after eyeing me up and down for about a full minute AND seeing my look of disgust. Written by Brianna.

King Leer

My friend and I were waiting for a table a restaurant bar, chatting, as we so often do, about yacht rock, when we observed this repellent exhibit. He was giving us the Atomic Super-Leer, which is a leer that goes beyond Gross Ogle and crosses over into Aggressive Scrutiny, in terms of both perviness and … Continued

Toronto Harasser

Yonge Street at Carlton in Toronto, Canada, April 21, 2006. Jerk in a hideous blue Ferrari with yellow flames yells out “Hey! Can I fuck you up the ass! Not you, the other one!” while he’s stopped at a red light. About three women were crossing the street at the time, one of whom was … Continued

Another Reason To Hate SUV’s

Just seconds before this picture was taken, these men were hanging out of the window yelling lude comments. I was too busy digging my camera out of my purse to listen. – Emily

Blond + Orange Won’t Work

46th and 9th Ave, this construction worker shouted at me “(kissy noise) blondie!” Nice orange suit, dill-hole. Submitted by Rachel.

Actions Have Consequences

This guy actually ran after me and took a picture of the back of my head with his camera phone wailing “now you can’t do anything!” But I already did it honey, I already did it. 🙂 Submitted by Kay.