This happened a couple weeks ago in Milwaukee, WI. I was in the mood for a good book, so I hit the library. Little did I know that I would get hit on my not one, but two guys.

I was walking down one aisle and noticed an older guy staring at me. Avoiding eye contact, I picked up a book to read the inside cover. Of course that didn’t work. He approached me and kept telling me that I looked like his friend. Ummm ok. Thanks? He then proceeded to shake my hand for what seemed like an eternity. After trying to interrogate me about my school, my hobbies, my life in Milwaukee, and my reasons for being at a library, I finally got rid of him.

Home free? Not quite. A few minutes later I walked past two guys to go into another aisle. One of the them followed me and apologized for not saying anything as I walked by because, you know, I was deeply hurt by the fact that a stranger didn’t yell something inappropriate at me IN A LIBRARY. He then asks what I was doing. I responded, “Oh you know…looking at books.” I guess it wasn’t sarcastic enough for him because he asked for my number so that we can hang out sometime. I started to tell him that I had a boyfriend, but before I could even finish, he turns around and walks away. I really should be ashamed of myself for being so rude to a random creep…

Milwaukee, WI

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