Just As I Was About to Solve the AIDS Epidemic

Me: (walking down the street)

Random guy standing on the corner: Nice lips.

Me (scowling): What the fuck?

RGSOTC: (nothing)

What if I had been doing a very complex DNA computation in my head, because I was an AIDS researcher on the verge of discovering an amazing new wonderdrug, and as I was walking along I was mapping out my morning lab work when all of a sudden Mr. Dumbfuck blurted out, “nice lips” and distracted me? Then I would have lost my place and it would have been all for naught. That’s why guys should leave women alone. Because many of us DON’T CARE what you think and we might be WALKING AND WORKING TO CURE DISEASES, or at least sorting out our own mental illnesses, so SHUT YOUR GODDAMNED PIEHOLES, OKAY?

written by Lauri

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