Month: October 2005

No, sir. Excuse ME.

I was on a first date. We went to a hip Asian fusion restaurant. After lots of conversation and stuffing ourselves with yummy spicy food, we went to leave. I saw a man behind us chatting on his cell phone, presumably stepping outside so as not to bother his companions with his personal conversation, but … Continued

Just Gellato

I hadnt stolen a parking spot hadn’t voiced more than a “damn”, “traffic”, “san francisco”, “I should have known better” I had wanted to have ice cream, to park my damn car, to have a fun night CUNT. Yeah you, CUNT. CUNT CUNT CUNT CUNT he yelled it from his expensive car like it was … Continued

Single, white male

“You ladies look like you’d like to take advantage of a single, white male tonight.” Um, ew. “Can I take your picture instead?”

I Wanna Lick You, No Chemicals!

From Meg: today while sitting beside the arch in washington square park, i happened upon this individual, who apparently had a lot to offer… this included plenty of money, weeds (specifically in the blunt form), and the desire to lick me…or more accurately “to lick me thru without chemicals”…he was emphatic about this oral form … Continued

The Monster Across the Street

From Brigitte: This is a photo of the building across the street from my office that has been under construction for the past year. The men working there love to whistle, clap, and holler and it just reinforces the negative stereotype of construction workers. Sometimes it’s almost funny, but really it’s not at all. Considering … Continued

"Show Me the Girls"

From Maggie (in Toronto): My ex is a photographer. I was coaching the talent for him: getting them to relax in front of the camera, stand up strait, breathe etc. While my ex was taking a shot of an up and coming sports news anchor for a national Sportsnet billboard he turned to her and … Continued

He Just Couldn’t Hold It

This is another patron at Vintage on his way out. “Oh no Sir, no, um you aren’t allowed to pee at the bar” are words I never knew I would have to say. I turned to get a drink for this customer and when I turned back, his penis was out of his pants and … Continued

I Just Met a Girl Named Maria

This is a picture of Maria who harassed a gay male patron at Vintage. “I am not a lesbian! Why are gay people always trying to befriend me. Get away from me”, and then she attempted to physically assault him, at which point she was removed from the bar and began harassing people on the … Continued

Head’s Up Ladies, Hakeem is Single!

“Girl will you marry me?” “I am not available right now… but can I take your picture? I am taking pictures of everyone who has proposed marriage to me today.” Flattered, he smiles. “Well let me give you my phone number, you can set me up with one a’ your single friends.” Anyone wanna date … Continued

Overnight Greyhound

It was 2 a.m. and I was fast asleep on the Greyhound, en route to a wedding in Canada. I woke up to someone rubbing my right side and the side of my breast. It was pitch black and I could only barely see the outline of a man’s hand reaching between the seats. I … Continued