Who we are:

Hollaback! is a global, people-powered movement to end harassment. We work together to understand the problem, ignite public conversations, and develop innovative strategies that ensure equal access to public spaces. We leverage the very spaces where harassment happens – from online to the streets – to have each other’s backs, create communities of resistance, and build a world where we can all be who we are, wherever we are.



Global Site Leader Program

Hollaback! has trained over 550 young leaders to become site leaders in their communities. Participants receive six months of free trainings and monthly webinars on strategic planning, community outreach, technology, intersectionality, traditional and social media, volunteerism, and public speaking. Each team that goes through the gains the skills to run a site and engage in on-the-ground action. Once they launch their site, they become a part of the Hollaback! Site Leader Network for ongoing training and support.

The Site Leader Network has opportunities for ongoing training and support. We invite groups to join committees and provide input on the movement’s direction; committees include Diversity and Inclusion, Compassionate Communications, Ongoing Training, Technology, and Organizing. We ask mentor sites to become regional leaders to represent their region, coordinate local action and regional campaigns, check in with local sites, and set prioritizes for the headquarters.

Trainings and Workshops

We have spoken and presented in schools, colleges, and organizations across the country as well as internationally – from keynoting SAAM (Sexual Assault Awareness Month) events at major universities to conducting workshops in middle and high school and college classrooms, to keynoting international business conferences, to training law enforcement officers in major cities.

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Leveraging Technology to End Street Harassment
  • Building a Movement Around Ending Street Harassment Through Story Sharing
  • How to Address Online Harassment and Cyberbullying
  • Bystander Intervention Techniques
  • How to Build a Decentralized Movement That Matters

Learn how you can bring us to your event here.

The People’s Supper

The People’s Supper is out to prove that a group of thoughtful people who differ from one another – politically, racially, religiously, and generationally – can sit down over a shared meal, go beneath the headlines, and understand the real stories that have shaped who we are.

The program started as a collaboration between the Faith Matters Network, The Dinner Party, and Hollaback!. These organizations wanted to respond to the divisive and distressing 2017 presidential election. Out to repair the damage caused, they formed #100Days100Dinners and drew together 141 suppers across the United States over the first 100 days of the new administration.

Seeing that there was more work to be done, the organizers turned #100Days100Dinners into The People’s Supper. In the program’s new iteration, 100 dinners has become 750 dinners. With our expanded program, we aim to provide spaces across the globe to bridge differences and fortify communities, all over a delicious meal.


HeartMob is a platform to help end online harassment. We believe that the freedom of speech online doesn’t mean anything if people are not free from abuse and harassment. Since Hollaback!’s founding in 2005, Hollaback!’s leaders have faced online harassment. At first the harassment took the form of emails calling us “carpetmunchers” and “dirty lesbians,” but eventually we began receiving rape and death threats. In 2013, fed up with being harassed, and angered by the harassment we saw happening across the internet, we decided to do something. HeartMob was co-founded by Hollaback! leaders Jae Cameron, Jill Dimond, Emily May, Debjani Roy, and Courtney Young.

The premise for HeartMob is simple: we want to fight fire with water. Bystander intervention is a best practice for addressing all forms of violence, but so often when harassment happens there’s no one around to help – or if they are around they aren’t sure what to do. The internet solves some of these problems: when online harassment happens, people are almost always around, and if they aren’t around, they can quickly be summoned to show up. Through HeartMob, people can ask for exactly the kind of support they need, when they need it; and bystanders have the tools and resources they need to help in impactful ways. Our goal is to reduce trauma for people being harassed online by giving them the immediate support they need – and in doing that work, create an army of good so powerful that it can disrupt, and ultimately transform, the hearts and minds of those perpetuating online harassment.


We all have the right to be who we are, wherever we are.

It’s time to transform the culture that perpetuates harassment and violence.

Let’s build a world where all people have the freedom to move through public space, participate in civic life, and reach their full potential.

In this world, those who have experienced harassment, like women, LGBTQ+ individuals, people of color, and people with disabilities, will feel safe as they walk down the street, go to school, sit in the park, attend a public protest, or participate online or in media.

This world will have more than just the absence of harassment. People will have conversations that bridge difference.

In this world, people will recognize each other’s full dignity.

We believe that love is an act of resistance, and that action is futile without community.

It’s time to build the power of people to have each other’s backs.

We all have the right to be who we are, whatever that means that day, that hour, that minute.

We all have the power to end harassment.