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In collaboration with The Faith Matters Network and The Dinner Party, #100days100dinners aims to circle people up around the country to repair the breach in our interpersonal relationships across political, ideological, and identity discourse — leading to more civil civic discourse.  We’ll be hosting two tracks: dinners to bridge across difference — as well as dinners within communities that need safety, support, and healing first.


You can sign up to host or attend a dinner at: 100days100dinners.us.


As we listen to the rising number of stories of hate and harassment told on ihollaback.org, we know one thing to be true: in this political climate, it is not enough to simply “not harass.” We must circle up with one another, truly see each other, and stand in community with one another. In a world where we don’t know if we can trust the police or the government, we must lean deeply on each other.


Immediately after the election, we launched bystander webinars. That work is ongoing, and #100days100dinners gives us to offer another layer to our efforts to build communities of resistance.


Are you up for hosting a dinner? All hosts will receive hosting guidelines, template emails, and facilitation tips. They will also be invited to participate in a weekly dinner host call and to join the #100days100dinners peer community on Facebook to share what’s working and what’s not. Last but not least, hosts will get a 30-minute call with an expert facilitator who’s practiced in either holding space for victims of trauma or in navigating conversation across the political aisle.