Take Action

1. Share your story.

By sharing your story you transform the lonely and isolating experience of street harassment into one that is sharable, and you enter a worldwide community of people who’ve got your back.Your story will build an irrefutable case as to why street harassment is not OK. Some will walk away understanding what it feels like to be in your shoes, others will feel like they are not alone for the first time or that it’s not their fault.  So far, we’ve collected over 8,000 stories of harassment from both victims and bystanders who tried to help.  Join the conversation by sharing your story today.


2. Donate.

Donate now and let’s build a future without street harassment together. For more information on our work, check out our annual report and Donor FAQ. 


3. Make a personal pledge to be a better bystander.

Learn how to safely intervene when you see harassment happening by checking out this infographic (hint: even a knowing  look to the person being harassed can reduce their trauma and experience of isolation).  And sign our pledge below:

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4. Print out a copy of our Employer’s Guide to Ending Street Harassment and hand it to your boss.

You and your team deserve to feel safe and confident on your way to work. This guide will provide employers, unions and service providers with an understanding of how street harassment your team, what can be done to support those who have experienced it; and where to refer people who need further assistance and support as a result of their experience.


5. Host a Chalk Walk.

Grab some sidewalk chalk and a few friends and tell your stories on sidewalks in crowded public areas. It’s a way to literally rewrite city streets. It’s visceral and unapologetically public. See examples and send photos of your chalk walk with Hollaback! Brussels “We Chalk Walk” tumblr.


6. Start a Hollaback site in your community.

We’ll train you, set you up with a website, and give you access to our supportive global community of over 400 site leaders around the world. Learn more and find out if starting a Hollaback is right for you.  No prior experience required, and we encourage participants from all backgrounds and abilities to apply.


7. Find your local Hollaback, and become a volunteer.

To find the Hollaback closest to you, click on the region of the map where you live.  From there, a menu with sites in that area will pop up and you can click on the site that’s closest to you. If there is no Hollaback close to you, contact our main office at [email protected] to volunteer remotely.

Hollaback Around the World

Don't see a hollaback in your city? Start one.


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