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Holla 101: An Educator’s Guide to Street Harassment

This guide is geared toward teachers, guidance counselors, parents and other educators in New York City who want to address the issue of street harassment amongst middle and high school aged students.


Want to spread the word around your school and community?  Download a free Hollaback! School Action Pack today, including posters, pamphlets, and a full version of “Holla 101: An Educator’s Guide to Street Harassment.”

HOLLA 101: An Educator’s Guide to Street Harassment

Click here for a PDF version of HOLLA 101


#Harassment Is: An Exploration of Identity and Street Harassment

Hollaback! (October, 2013)

On October 15th, Hollaback! launched our “Harassment Is: An exploration of identity and street harassment”.  Using stories from the Hollaback! sites, the guide invites the reader to practice recognizing how people’s identities and oppressions overlap and how that can affect how they walk down the street.

Take some time to read through our “Harassment Is: An exploration of identity and street harassment” text below!


Want to read “Harassment Is” offline? Download the printable version here. Have any great ideas or projects on intersectionality and street harassment?  We want to hear from you!  Tag your stories on ihollaback.org with #harassmentis, participate in the tweet up on October 17th, join in our chalk walks, or send us an email at [email protected]  The revolution begins with you sharing your story.    

Employer, Union, and Service Provider’s Guide to Ending Street Harassment


Deputy Director Debjani Roy (June, 2013)

  The purpose of this guide is to provide information and resources to unions, members assistance programs (MAP), employers, including human resources departments, employee assistance programs (EAP) and service providers regarding support and assistance they can offer to their staff, union members and clients who have reported experiences of street harassment.


This guide will provide employers, unions and service providers with the following:

  • an understanding of what street harassment is and what it looks like;
  •  how it affects employees, union members and clients;
  •  what can be done to support an employee, union member or client who has experienced it; and
  •  where to refer an employee, union member or client who may need further assistance and support as a result of their experience.


        Wondering what you can do to respond to street harassment as an employer or service provider?  Check out Hollaback!’s report here Download the printable version  

International Know Your Rights Guide to Street Harassment

Hollaback!, TrustLaw, and DLA Piper A new report released on October 15th, 2014 offers the first ever global legal resource on street harassment. Led by NGO Hollaback! and the Thomson Reuters Foundation and coordinated by global law firm DLA Piper, the “Know Your Rights” guide compiles the latest legal definitions and information on all forms of street harassment across 22 countries and in 12 languages. A monumental undertaking, the guide involved the efforts of 11 legal teams working in collaboration around the world. Check out the guide below – and check out our FAQ for more information. You can download a PDF of the guide here: Street Harassment – Know Your Rights. Photo credit: A woman walks past a building decorated with a pair of eyes in the Crimean city of Sevastopol, February 29, 2012. REUTERS/Stringer

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