How to Create Mud Stencils


Mud stenciling is a fun and safe way to bring awareness to street harassment. Mud stenciling allows you to create stencils of drawings or quotes that can be displayed on sidewalks or walls in public spaces. Here are the steps you should take when mud stenciling:

1. Get the materials needed for your mud stencils. These materials are: a sheet of Mylar plastic, an X-Acto knife, tape, mud, and a sponge.

2. Create your design. You can draw your design on any paper you like, or you could make a design on the computer and print it out. Your design can include writing, but be sure to use a font that will work for a stencil. (Make sure that all parts of your design are connected. You don’t want pieces to fall out when you cut your stencil.)

3. Tape your stencil design to a sheet of Mylar.

4. Cut your stencil. Use an X-Acto knife to cut your design out of the attached Mylar.

5. Find some mud. A way to create mud would be to mix soil and water. If you find mud, check to make sure that it has the consistency of peanut butter.

6. Attach your stencil to the desired surface using tape. Popular places for stencils are sidewalks or walls in public spaces with a lot of foot traffic and places with prevalent street harassment (ex. construction agencies) . Remember: you will want your stencil to be seen by a large number of people, so choose your location accordingly.

7. Put mud on the stencil using a sponge. Don’t squeeze the sponge too hard. You want to avoid getting muddy water underneath your stencil.

8. Remove the tape that is attached to your stencil and carefully detach the Mylar.

Hollaback sites in Baltimore, Buenos Aires, and Columbia have participated in mud stenciling to bring awareness to street harassment. Check out some examples of their work:

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