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Hollaback Against Bullying and Harassment on Campus!

Hollaback is a ground-breaking crowd-sourced movement utilizing social media to mobilize a new generation of activists. The organization’s efforts to end harassment have been featured in the New York Times, MSNBC, BBC International, Fox, and NPR, among others.

By combining the democratization of the cell phone with technological innovation including geo-mapping and our free iPhone and Droid apps, Hollaback offer an entirely new way to mobilize social change on campus.  Our platform creates a safe, immediate and action-oriented response to bullying and harassment, allowing students to become open-source activists by anonymously reporting and mapping incidents of harassment, as well as positive bystander intervention, at the touch of a button.

In September 2012, Hollaback launched its first site on a campus at New York University, and we’re currently training three more universities to launch in November.  We’re looking for other organizations to join the movement.


  1. Bullying and harassment are at epidemic proportions on college campuses. 62% of female college students and 61% of male college students report being sexually harassed on campus. Chances are, your school suffers the same problem.
  2. Students want to report bullying and harassment anonymously.  When asked by the AAUW, 57% of students said they would like their college to offer an anonymous, internet-based method for submitting complaints of sexual harassment. By giving your students a forum to share experiences and by encouraging bystander intervention, you demonstrate that your school is committed to combating the hostile environment that bullying and harassment creates.
  3. Sending out a strong message against bullying and harassment fosters an environment that nurtures students’ confidence and success. Studies show that 16% of female students who have been sexually harassed found it hard to study or pay attention in class, and  33% of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and queer students have seriously considered leaving their academic institutions due to harassment.

By starting a Hollaback site on your campus, you will give victims a powerful outlet from which to share their stories, build empathy and compassion amongst your student body, and ultimately, inspire your students to be active bystanders when they see harassment happening.


We’ve streamlined our existing training to give you maximum control, and customized it to a college environment based on feedback from students and administrators, as well as our pilot at New York University.  To get Hollaback started, we will give you:

  • The complete campus Hollaback! start-up guide;
  • The platform set up, including your campus logos and unique URL (ex.;
  • Three hour-long technical assistance calls with our team before, during and after the campaign;
  • Unlimited support via email;
  • Inclusion in our global community;
  • Training videos available to download on-demand.

When you bring Hollaback! to your college campus, students at your school will get a customized anonymous web-based reporting platform that directly links to our free  iPhone and Droid apps. Using these tools, students will be able to anonymously share stories of harassment and bystander intervention.

We will train a core group of student leaders and administrators on how to run a Hollaback campaign on your campus.  These individuals will have private access to the Hollaback platform, allowing them to customize it and approve stories before they are publically posted.  This gives your university the control over content, preventing misuse and maximizing applicability to your students.  Stories of harassment or bystander intervention posted will be tagged to the specific locations on campus where harassment took place. In addition, the team will be trained to identify and link to existing resources on campus, publicize existing policies, and hold events that spread the word about campus harassment.

This basic package costs $750. Colleges and universities who purchase the Hollaback platform receive a 10% discount on keynotes by our executive director Emily May.

Key note description: The interactive keynote address at your college is designed to inspire young leaders to step it up and start changing the world. Emily, who launched Hollaback! at the age of 24 and became executive director at 29, will share her personal story of how she came to lead an international movement. She’ll talk about being told she was “too young”, that sexual harassment “didn’t matter” and “would never end”, and get students to share their own stories in real time using cell phone technology. Emily offers a bold new vision for a world without campus harassment, and teaches that the elevation of all of our voices is the key to changing the world. To book a keynote, contact Erin Weed + Company at 303.872.8030 or [email protected]

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