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Jordan’s Story: Struggling between holla-ing back and feeling safe

Today I was walking with my friend trying to get to the subway when a male passed me and told me I shouldn’t look so angry anymore. I was annoyed by the comment but let it go and put some distance between us. Sadly him and his group of friends stopped and I had to pass them again. I guess one of his friends made a comment about me and the original male said aloud that “I just told her about herself”. I know I shouldn’t have but I snapped and told him to f*** himself. Something about him thinking I needed to listen to a stranger on the street really got to me. I regretted saying anything tho because as I made my way to the train I got scared that he was following me and that him and his friend would try and hurt my friend and me. I hate that I let him gain power over me. I feel like he won.

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Miriam’s Story: “I hid so he wouldn’t be able to tell where I live…”

I am an avid yogi and I work hard to make it to yoga class every day with my busy schedule. I was so excited when I moved into the city within walking distance from my yoga studio. I usually walk the 5 minutes to class then walk home when it’s over, still in my yoga clothes. Apparently me wearing yoga pants is an invitation for men to comment on my most blessed attributes. Two days ago I was walking home from class when about 3 blocks from my house a white car drove up next to me, rolled down the side window and said “damn girl look at that ass”. I ignored them as I always do… the car drove down the block, turned around at the round about and rolled past me again, “ASS all day!”. He did this turn around/drive-by and yell thing about 6 times before I ended up running the last block home. I hid in the alley behind my house so that he wouldn’t be able to tell where I live and I cried. I now drive the 7 blocks to my yoga studio everyday out of fear that the same man or someone else might take it even further than that.

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Erin’s Story: Walking the dog is not an invitation

I try to walk my dog every day. When I was very good about it, we would often go through the trails of the park and explore. One day, I decided to cut the walk short, so I went through the shortcut that leads back to the playground and parking lot. The shortcut is a wide stretch of grass, clearly visible from both ends of the park, and not private at all. As I walked, there were two men, (who behaved like boys) and one shouted at me something along the lines of, “Walk that dog, girl!” I knew they wouldn’t try anything because my dog is large, but it didn’t stop me from feeling paranoid and unsafe.

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HOLLA ON THE GO : Heathens.

Man yelling at young women that they are heathens for wearing shorts. Seems religiously oriented.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: “I’m fourteen”

Was looking at a menu on the side of a building and two men walked by and they appeared drunk (it was 4 o’clock) and one preceded to say something inaudible and I managed to pick out the words “you look nice and tight” and they walked away. I’m fourteen and was with my parents although they weren’t directly next to me at the time so they didn’t overhear.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: No I don’t want a ride.

A car kept verbally harassing me while I was waiting for the bus. They kept asking me if I wanted a ride in a really sleazy way. They wouldn’t stop asking me until I started taking photos of his car.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: “You got a boyfriend?”

“You got a boyfriend?”
“I’m gay”
“I’ll turn you straight”

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Car troubles.

whistling and jeering as I reverse park my car.

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Michelle’s Story: “it was broad daylight”

While walking down my block next to a bar, I noticed a tall man coming towards me. He then abruptly blocked my path and mumbled something to me. I ignored him and tried to go around him. He then pushed me hard against the building. I screamed and yelled, “What the hell! I didn’t do anything to you!” He then backed away and started running away. I was shocked but I dialed 911 right away. The cops took 15 minutes to get there but he was gone. There were bystanders all around (this was around noon) and they didn’t do anything. Only later, when I walked home did someone stop me to ask what had happened.
I wish I would have known what to do. It was broad daylight and I didn’t have my pepper spray with me.

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Marisa’s Story: Fearing of the physical.

This has been my last 24 hours in New Orleans:
Yesterday, it was over 95 degrees and I dared to wear shorts to a gas station. A man walked up behind me while I was in line, rubbed his hand on my butt and said quietly in my ear, “look at that ass.” I said “Please don’t touch me” and he yelled back “I didn’t touch you” and then stared at me intimidatingly until he left the store. I was so shaken up I waited inside the store for a few seconds after he left so I could be sure that he wouldn’t attack me again in the parking lot as I walked to my car.
Today, I had to walk to the UPS store from my office. On the 3 block walk, while wearing my business casual work clothes, I received two beeps from cars passing by. On the walk back, a car with two men in it slowly drove next to me and commented on my appearance for a block and a half.

I feel powerless against these men. I’m too afraid to confront them because I worry their sexual aggression will turn physical.

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