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Week in our Shoes: Actions Galore!

Hey Hollas!

We had a quiet week at Hollaback! HQ with a smaller office, but team members Desiree, CJ, and Jae kept things up and running! Desiree attended Change Making in the Digital Age which was made possible by one of our awesome funders, Ashoka and CJ volunteered at the Sylvia Rivera Law Project’s Attorneys and Advocates Awards.

At Hollaback! around the world, 

Hollaback! Baltimore hosted a talk, The Intersections of Gender and Police Harassment, and a Coffee Chat. Go Baltimore!

Hollaback! Cuenca collaborated for a huge sit in against violence!

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 11.37.39 AMHollaback! Edinburg hosted a rad workshop.

Hollaback! Bahamas did a #GBVTeachIn for #16days on Twitter last week on Street Harassment – An Act of Violence.

Hollaback! Polska launched ‪#‎Kampania16dni‬.

Hollaback! Vancouver ran a booth at BC Collaborates Violence training Conference.

Hollaback! Belfast had an awesome interview.


Holla and out!


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HOLLA ON THE GO: Biker B***h

I was waiting at a crosswalk while on my bike. A male biker at the same time started asking me personal questions. Where did I live; where was I going; what was I doing tonight? I ignored him. He became angry. He yelled at me that I was a fucking bitch. I responded, tired and calmly, that I was not a bitch, but instead was tired and just wanted to go home in peace. He repeated that I was a bitch and he’d never want to fuck me anyway.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Followed and harrassed

I lived in Brookings at the time. My boyfriend worked the night shift at Walmart. He called me telling me that he forgot his lunch. We only had one car (that was with him) so I had to walk to bring it to him. We lived above a bar and just as I was leaving the apartment two men and a girl left the bar. The men began catcalling me. It started with asking me how I was doing, but quickly escalated to calling out that I should go home with them, and such things. I was 3 1/2 months pregnant and I was terrified for both myself and my baby. They followed me for half a mile before turning back around to go wherever they were going. The worst part, for me, was that there was a girl with them. Not only didn’t she stop them but she giggled the whole time like my discomfort and fear was hilarious.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Followed by a creep

At about midnight a guy followed me downstairs in the train station and asked why I was walking alone. Although I did’t answer or answered pretty pissed he didn’t leave my side until I told him that I have a boyfriend.

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Street Harrasment Comedy Show – Guest Post from Julia Nethero of SaferNYC!


Like many women all over the world, I have been a victim of street harassment countless times over the course of my life—starting from the age of 13. We all know that mixed feeling of anger and fear when we’re being catcalled. We assess the situation: is it safe to retaliate and say something to this person? Or should I just keep walking and avoid them?


Hollaback and others are doing amazing work to fight this type of harassment by giving victims of street harassment a way to fight back & a space to voice their experiences. And there is still more work to be done. About a year ago, after complaining to my boyfriend Joseph for the umpteenth time about harassment I had experienced that day, he said to me, “Well stop complaining and do something about it!” “Ok, but how? What can we do?” I replied. As a feminist and my partner, Joseph wanted to help stop this harassment, too. Influenced by all the recent videos that had been flooding the Internet at that time, he suggested we make our own videos that specifically speak to men about street harassment.


Thus SAFER: NYC was born! SAFER: NYC (Street Action For Equality & Respect) aims to end street harassment in a unique way: by mobilizing men to be part of the solution. We strongly believe that the issue of street harassment cannot be adequately solved without the engagement of men—being the root of the problem, their enthusiastic participation is essential to the solution. Our campaigns and messaging humanize the victims of street harassment by highlighting who—in men’s own lives—may be victims: their daughters, wives, sisters, mothers, etc. This serves as a reminder that by harassing others, they are harassing someone’s else’s family member or friend. This message personalizes the devastating impact of street harassment and will serve as a pivotal force for changing behavior.


So how do we actually engage and mobilize men? First, we created two videos that you can see here, as well as a four public service announcements that we will be premiering on New York City subways next Spring. Second, we are doing research on why men engage in street harassment, as there has never been research done on this subject. Armed with this research, we can design the most effective solutions and programs to address the root causes of street harassment.


And lastly, we will be holding community building and awareness raising events, with our first comedy show this Thursday, November 19th at La Luz in Brooklyn, NY. The show will address the topic of street harassment and will feature some of the best improv, sketch, and stand up comedy acts in NYC! The purpose of the show is to raise awareness (and a few funds!) about street harassment and engage people in a conversation about how we can stop it. Your attendance will bring us one step closer to ending street harassment, so we hope you can join us this Thursday!


Event details:

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Doors open at 7pm, Show 8-10pm

@ La Luz, 135 Thames St, Brooklyn, New York 11237

Tier 1 $10/Tier 2 $15

Buy your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/safer-nycs-street-harassment-comedy-show-tickets-19270939900




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Hollaback! Launches NEW APP

BIG NEWS: Today Hollaback! has released a new app to share and map your stories of street harassment around the world. What’s more, with the new app, you can create your own, personalized maps of street harassment and share them on social media.


Campaign graphicEver had someone tell you that street harassment isn’t a big deal? Now, with a click of a button, you can show them what your daily commute really looks like! And, if you’re waiting for the bus and want to quickly send some love, you can read other Hollaback! user’s stories and let them know you’ve got their back.


In a world where street harassment is too often dismissed or thought of as not a big deal, sharing our stories and supporting one another is a meaningful way to make our voices heard and create change. With this app, you can do both in under five seconds – freeing up your time to make the revolution go down!


With that goal in mind, we’re launching a story sharing campaign on the app and online with #iHollaback for the next two weeks. Stories shared during the campaign will be publicized in our storify and media outreach.  Join us from September 9th – 23rd, and let’s show the world how powerful story sharing can be!


The new app is available for free for iPhone and Android and was made possible with generous support from our partners at Voqal and Catapult. Check out the app today and let us know what you think!

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I just finished volleyball practice and I was walking to the front of the school to be picked up. I was walking past a bunch of doors the led into the school and one of them creeped open. I looked over and there was the old man just looking at me and he asked me what my name was. At first I didn’t see any harm and thought he might of had a question and just by instinct told him my name ( yes I know that was stupid). He then looks me up and down and says yourrr’e cuute. I was disgusted and gave him this dirty look and walked away as fast as I could. He is a janitor that works at a high school! I didn’t know at the time and I wish I would had reported it as soon as it happened.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Car troubles.

whistling and jeering as I reverse park my car.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Called out.

This person is stalking and harassing me.

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Week in Our Shoes: HeartMob Edition

Hello there, Hollaback! Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 1.50.40 PM

We have three words for you: HeartMob, HeartMob, HeartMob! We could not be more excited about our new platform becoming a reality as we are gearing up to launch in just a few weeks. The most exciting news is that we have received a $516,000 grant from the Knight Foundation!!! We could not be more thrilled or grateful for this opportunity to combat online harassment.

Some other awesome news: we have a new intern at HQ! Sophie arrived from the UK a few days ago to help us with launching HeartMob. As a graduate student from Oxford, Sophie is studying the benefits and ramifications of the Internet. We are looking forward to collaborating with her!

Guess what: we are hiring a HeartMob Program Associate HQ! Spread the word to all who are determined to help us fight online harassment.

Here’s what’s up around the globe: 

Alicia, the fierce director of Hollaback! Bahamas!, received the Queen’s Young Leaders Award for her outstanding work transforming the lives of others and making a difference in her community. We are so proud of Alicia’s dedication to the movement to end street harassment!

Hollaback! Pittsburgh is having a meet up this week to discuss the future of the movement to end street harassment with its community. It’s awesome to rally the allies and supporters.

Screen shot 2015-07-10 at 11.29.39 AMHollaback! Vancouver continues to tear up the press with Transit Tuesdays. They truly are making a difference in their community.
Hollaback! Alberta
had a Chalk Walk for Change to raise awareness of street harassment. The photos of their phrases and designs look fantastic!

That’s all for now. Stay tuned…

Holla and Out!


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