Week In Our Shoes: Out on the Streets Edition

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This week Hollaback! was featured by the Huffington Post, Boston Magazine, Metro News, One Equal World, and Stop Street Harassment; Hollaback!’s ED, Emily May traveled to Houston to shoot a video for the Giving Library, she was interviewed for a documentary on social entrepreneurship and was featured on Bronxnet.

Here’s what the HOLLAs around the world have been up to:

Hollaback Belfast announced their new partnership with Here NI, a community organization dedicated to improving the lives of lesbian and bisexual women in Northern Ireland.

Hollaback Boston, released an infographic via the data from their newly launched State of The Streets Report. They were featured on Boston Neighborhood Network TV and have gotten impressive press coverage on the report so far.

Hollaback Alberta participated in Take Back the Night Edmonton. They tabled at the event and even spoke with Edmonton mayoral candidate, Don Iveson, regarding gender-based violence in public space.

Hollaback Ottawa participated in Take Back the Night last Thursday as well! They also had a table where they got a ton of people signed up to keep informed on their work. Ottawa leader, Julie Lalonde, won “Best Volunteer in a Leading Role” award at the Volunteer Ottawa Award Gala, in large part because of her work with Holla! in her city. Congrats!

Great job, peeps!

HOLLA and out!

-The Hollaback! Team

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Week in Our Shoes: Back to School Edition

WIOS.Sept.28Hello Hollabackers!

This week Hollaback! was featured by My Local, HuffPost British Columbia, The Canadian Broadcasting Company,The Smithsonian Online, Tok Nok, Money News, TED Blog, Bustle, Care2, Mashable and Baltimore Out Loud; Hollaback New York City posted about their upcoming participation in Suzanne Lacy’s “Between the Door and the Street” project, a collaborative effort with Creative Time and the Brooklyn Museum to be held on October 19th.

Hollaback! was also featured in a Catapult video that was screened at the Clinton Global Initiative Meeting in NYC this week.

Here’s what the HOLLAs around the world have been up to:

Hollaback Halifax was a speaker and anti-harassment officer in the Take Back The Campus event in Halifax!

Hollaback Edinburgh held a Day School on Intersectionality and Street Harassment. The school offered workshops on Rape Culture and Street Harassment, and Street Harassment and Intersectionality – with a host of special guests, including Glasgow-based Amina Muslim Women’s Resource Centre.

Hollaback Boston, with the help of Hollaback Ottawa, finalized their State of The Streets Report, profiling their organization and compiling data from their recent survey! They’ve also published a helpful and informational Take Back The Bar FAQ to their site in response to a large number of questions about their popular event.

Hollaback Alberta has reached over 372 respondents through their street harassment survey!

Job well done, party people!

HOLLA and out!

-The Hollaback! Team

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Week In Our Shoes: TED Cities 2.0 Edition!

1013702_10153264673490114_1812162768_nHello Hollabackers!

This week, our Executive Director, Emily May, gave a TED City 2.0 talk as she accepted her TED City 2.0 award.

Hollaback! was featured by MSN News Online, Feminist Current, The Daily Californian, Genius Online, TED Prize and the West: Welfare, Society, Territory; we posted the HOLLA::Revolution promo video on our main page; DD, Debjani, trained 70 men and women at Turning Point in Brooklyn; and Stacy Bullard joined our team as the new Development and Research Intern!

Here’s what the HOLLAs around the world have been up to:

Hollaback LA is leading a talk and workshop with an art museum in Rancho Cucamonga today. Thursday, they partnered up with the End Violence online forum. They’ve just developed a new Spanish-language version of their city postcard. Plans are to branch out into the Orange county and San Fernando Valley with some awesome new volunteers!

Hollaback Ottawa is hosting a Chalk Walk today after the resounding success of their last one!

Hollaback Philly is trying to shake things up in City Hall! Their survey is up and ready for participants to take in anticipation of their City Hall meeting, which is soon to come.

Hollaback Boston is hosting a Take Back the Bar event tonight. They will be reclaiming public space and creating a supportive environment for people to hang out (and enjoy a beer!).

Hollaback Hamilton is working with McMaster University to potentially have a group of students to coordinate event planning for McMaster’s Fall experiential education program. Jess of Hollaback Hamilton has been asked to speak of the Leadership for Summit for Women– a one day conference about leadership in Hamilton.

HOLLA and out!

-The Hollaback! Team

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The HOLLA::Revolution Promo Video is UP!

On July 25th, 2013, Hollaback! hosted the first ever international speakers series on street harassment, HOLLA::Revolution.  The event was emceed by Jamia Wilson and featured leading local and international leaders in the fight against gender-based violence.


The historic event featured 18 badass speakers and performers representing organizations such as: Bklyn Boihood, Sassafrass Tech Collective, Women in Media News, Girls for Gender Equity, Cornell University, Feministing, the Man Up Campaign, the Novo foundation, and Hollaback!.


Presenters discussed a wide range of diverse and engaging topics around street harassment, from Technology & Storytelling and The Importance of Online Movement Building to Un/Doing Masculinities and Youth Organizing Around Street Harassment.


HOLLA::Revolution had 150 (amazing) supporters in the audience of the sold out event.  It was live-streamed at: ihollaback.org/hollarevolution/ with over 570 viewers watching the livestream around the world.  Audience members described the event as “inspiring”, “diverse”, “intersectional”, and “educational”.


You can check out a promo video for the event, created by video editor Corinne Colgan, below.

HOLLA::Revolution from Corinne Colgan on Vimeo.

Hollaback! is beginning their plans for the next #hollarev and we want to hear from you!  If you attended HOLLA::Revolution on July 25th, or joined us on the livestream, let us know how next year’s speakers series can grow by filling out this survey.


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A week in our shoes: BACK TO SCHOOL EDITION

Dear Hollabackers,

This week, Hollaback! was featured by Fast Company, the Knight Foundation, and The Atlantic. Deputy Director, Debjani delivered the National Campus Safety Awareness Month keynote at Old Dominion University, training for the Class 9 of Hollaback! sites began, and we tabled at a Gotham Girls Roller Derby bout.

Heres’s what the HOLLAs Around The World have been up to!


Hollaback! Baltimore unveiled their amazing PROCLAIM NO SHAME photo from their event a couple weeks back!

Hollaback! Czech was a supporter of the international “To Russia With Love KISS-IN” this past Sunday.

Hollaback! Hamilton was a panel about violence against women at McMaster University for Take Back The Night. They’ll also be hosting a chalk walk tonight.

Hollaback! Dublin hosted their first ever clothing swap.

Hollaback! Boston is part of a coalition for gender and racial equity and they launched their vision statement at a press conference this week. They also posted a recap of the Goddess Walk in Brooklyn.

Hollaback! Belfast spoke on campaigning against sexism at The Gender Initiative event by Youth Action Northern Ireland this week.

Hollaback! Gent had a fundraising bake sale in partnership the Ken Gallucio Cup 2013 tournament (a Lacrosse European tournament), and they also entered a think tank led by City Hall about street harassment directed at LGBT individuals.

Hollaback! Melbourne posted a guest post from Talisha about how our language shapes our collective unconscious.

Hollaback! Halifax has been providing backup and support to the women’s centre at Saint Mary’s University after video of a pro-rape chant at frosh week went viral. The women’s centre has invited several of their community partners, including their local Hollaback, to join them in rising up, raising their voices, and taking back their campus. They even got a shoutout on TV!

HOLLA and out!

-The Hollaback! Team

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A week in our shoes: LBGTQ RIGHTS EDITION

Dear Hollabackers —

Check out what’s shaking with the global movement this week:

HollabackPHILLY’s Director Rochelle Keyhan wrote an iReport on street harassment for CNN!

Hollaback! Gent had a press release demanding more initiatives on raising awareness about homophobia in Gent. They got some pressottawa coverage and received an invitation from the Alderman for Equal Opportunities to come and discuss their forthcoming LGBT action plan for the city!

Hollaback! Italy wrote a post about their trip to New York City and meeting with the Hollaback! NYC staff.

Hollaback! Boston successfully got a company to take down offensive ads on their MBTA trains after launching a campaign on social media and in the press. They continued their “Introducing!” series with a post introducing Lily! They also announced their involvement in a coalition to ELEVATE Boston for the upcoming Boston mayoral election.

Hollaback! Ottawa is hosting a fundraiser at a local gallery complete with visual and performance art TONIGHT! And tomorrow, they’ll be at SlutWalk Ottawa.

Hollaback! Brussels participated in a Kiss In in honor of LGBT rights!

Until next week!

HOLLA and out —



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HOLLA ON THE GO: “He just pretended like nothing happened”

Was walking in America Mura with my friend bel. We were trying to find a cab. It was around 2am. Some guy grabbed my boob. Not brushed it, he outright palmed it. So I turned around and said “what the f*ck?!” in English. the guy was like, “sumimasen”, but he wasn’t. So I and pushed him, and he just pretended like nothing happened as i shouted at him. he slithered across the road and started following a girl in a mini skirt… Creep. I should have kicked him in the balls.

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A week in our shoes: apps, art, actions, oh my!

Dear Hollabackers —

The Hollaback! Mothership is partnering with the Reuters Foundation’s TrustLaw Connect project on some exciting stuff (to be revealed at a later date!), and was featured as their Member of the Week. Also, this week our new and improved app was featured in Fast Company, Tech Crunch and The Wild.

And here’s what happened this week around the world:


Hollaback! Appalachian Ohio painted a totally BADASS piece of street art on a local graffiti wall!

Hollaback! Boston had photos of three different events up this week: Allston DIYFest, WORD Boston Women’s Equality Rally, and the Goddess Walk in Brooklyn. They also had a recap up on their blog about the day they spent at Allston DIYFest, complete with a great story of festival organizers and attendees being active bystanders in the face of harassment! Their blog was very active this week, with a personal post from Site Director Britni about reclaiming a dress that she was groped in. They also introduced the world to their new Team Associate, Jamie, and told us about The Night James Brown Saved Boston.

Hollaback! Ghent and Hollaback! Brussels will participate tomorrow in the “Rise Against Rape” action in Brussels.

HollabackPHILLY had a guest post on their blog from high school student and co-creator of The Object Project, Audrey Webb!

HOLLA and out!

-The Hollaback Team


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Some guys started yelling obscenities at me from their car in thick traffic. Gross.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Buffet creepers

I was at a buffet with my friend (also a female) while there we went to go get more food. While walking to and from the buffet this group of older men would stare, wink, and make very obscene gestures.

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