A Week in Our Shoes

Week In Our Shoes: Spreading The Holla Worldwide

Here’s our weekly update:

As part of the RaiseForWomen Challenge with the Huffington post and Half the Sky, Hollaback! Intern Julia Daye published a piece on in the Huffington Post titled “Shaping Stories of Violence: Power of the Online Bystander.” Check it out!

Hollaback! Chennai SH Drawingcovers the story of a street harassment workshop in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh. The leader of the workshop, Bonnie Zare, turned to Hollaback! for materials to use during the workshop. Horray for spreading resources!

Hollaback! Edinburgh attended the Scottish Parliament’s Cross-Party Group (CPG) on Men’s Violence Against Women and Children last week. There, hollas reported on their work to-date, survey results on street harassment, and some forthcoming plans.

Hollaback! Boston welcomes Nicole, the newest edition to their HollaTeam! This upcoming June, Boston hollas are partnering with Boston GLOW (Girls’ Leadership, Organized Women) to host a workshop in June on spotting, stopping, and responding to street harassment. In preparation for the workshop, Boston invites you to fill out this survey. Check out their newest post on their site, “Understanding Street Harassment” by Kayla. In this week’s edition of Boston’s “Introducing” series, hollas interview Katie, a Boston-based writer and editor. Finally, Hollaback! Boston is saying goodbye to one of its founding members, Jane Carper. Thank you Jane for all you’ve done for this Holla family!

Hollaback! Philly celebrated the launch of their street harassment comic book this past week at Locust Moon Comics. This weekend, hollas are heading to Philadelphia Wizard Con to exhibit their new publication.

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A Week in Our Shoes

Week in Our Shoes: Hollaback! Employer Guide Launches!

Debjani March

Dear Hollas–

Its been a big week for Hollaback! We just launched our first ever Employer Guide! The guide outlines options for employers, unions, and service providers for addressing street harassment. We foresee this being a valuable tool for workplaces in raising awareness and addressing street harassment in support of their clients and employees. So share, share, share!

This week at the mothership:

  • Hollaback! stands strong against violence! This week, after the fatal shooting of Marc Carson, our Deputy Director Debjani joined many others in an anti-homophobia anti-violence march in New York City.
  • Partners, galore! We met with partners from Oxfam, AVP, the NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault, the Center for Anti-Violence Education, and the LAMP.
  • Emily’s in Fast Company! Giving shout-outs to ROOKIE and FORCE no less!  Hollaback! was featured in Belle Jar this week in a piece titled “Hollaback, Girls” and got a shout out BikeNYC.


Here’s what’s going on around the world:

Hollaback! Buenos Aires celebrated May 17th, the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. Check out the hollas great blog post in honor of the important day of awareness.

Hollaback! Gent attended the Queer, Feminist Praxis and Social Media Workshop in Brighton, UK!! Hollas hosted a community circle with participants to share stories of harassment and brainstorm ideas on effective ways to address it. They then led a chalkwalk in the streets of Brighton. Check out their roundup of the event as well as some great pictures!

Hollaback! Alberta Celebrates the University of Alberta Pride Week 2013! Check out these beautiful photos!

Hollaback! Ottawa is doing a street harassment survey! Take a few seconds to fill out their questionnaire.

Hollaback! Boston held a HOLLA Offline event to plan their float for Pride Parade and a holla-full summer. Hollas interviewed two trailblazing Bostonians for their “Introducing” series. The first introduces Kayla, Boston’s new summer intern! Welcome to the Hollaback! family, Kayla! The second introduces Beverly, cyclist and street harassment avenger extraordinaire! This week, Kate posted an important follow up to last week’s “Clever or Creepy” discussion, with accompanying guest entry by her friend Amelia.

Hollaback! Poland came out with a powerful video documenting”Why I Hollaback” messages collected during anti-street harassment week last month. Watch it here:

Hollaback! Des Moines is holding two community nights at Buffalo Wild Wings. Twenty percent of sales will benefit Hollaback! Des Moines.

Hollaback! Philly will be releasing their much anticipated street harassment comic book, “Red, Yellow, Blue” this weekend at Locust Moon Comics. Philly hollas also held a hangout to discuss the next steps of their Anti-Street Harassment PSA ad campaign. Stay tuned!

Another great week at Hollaback! thanks to all of you. Have a good weekend and keep up the incredible work!

Holla and out —

The HOLLAteam

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A Week in Our Shoes

Week in Our Shoes: The Transit Edition

Here the news from the movement this week:

Here at the Mothership, Deputy Director Debjani did a great interview with HuffPostLive this week on the subject of street harassment an safety on public transit. Check her out live in studio!

Hollaback! Ottawa is on a serious roll this week! Ottawa hollas hosted a forum on public transit safety called Talking Back! The event was covered by Metro News, CTV News, and CBC Radio! WOW! Check out these awesome photos from the event and The Julie’s CTV Ottawa Morning Live interview on youtube:

Hollaback! Hamilton is looking to fill several positions on their team. They are looking for a Graphic Design Coordinator, a Legal Coordinator, and two Social Media/Communications Coordinators. Spread the word!

Hollaback! Berlin’s site leader Julia is in a documentary that will be released this weekend. Check her out!
Hollaback! Sheffield just launched their photo campaign! Check out the awesome photos they collected. If you want to be a part of their project, email your photos to [email protected] or upload them to Sheffield’s twitter or facebook.

Hollaback! Baltimore is calling for cyclists’ street harassment stories in honor on National Bike Month. Submit your biking-while-being-harassed story to our Bmore hollas.

Hollaback! Boston interviewed producer, blogger and marathoner Alex for this week’s edition of the “Introducing” series. In another post, site leader Britni makes some intriguing points about the subjectivity of individual experience and how what we as individuals think constitutes street harassment may vary from person to person.

Hollaback! Philly published a new piece by guest blogger Lula Lisbon called “I Might Have a Nice Ass, But You’re Still an Asshole.”  Also, Hollaback! Philly is proud to announce the much anticipated release of their street harassment comic book! Hollas will be attending the Philadelphia Wizard Con at the end of the month.

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A Week in Our Shoes

A Week In Our Shoes: Rockin’ Zines Worldwide

Dear Hollas– Lindsey

This week we said farewell to our incredible Research and Development Intern, Lindsey! Thank you Lindsey for your months of amazing work, dedication, and blazin’ hot spirit! YOU ROCK!!

Hollaback! co-sponsored NOW-NYC’s Mayoral Forum on women and girls which took place on Tuesday at Pace University. On Thursday, we attended the New York Women’s Foundation Breakfast.

Our Program Associate, Jae Cameron wrote a kickass Op-ed in the Huffington Post on how, “Street Harassment is an LGBTQIA Issue.”  Check it out! We also got some sweet shout outs this week in The Times News and Whitehot Magazine.

AND here’s what hollas around the world are up to:

Site Leaders, Eglantine and Aurore are hosting a workshop on Hollaback! and street harassment at the Queer, feminist and social media praxis workshop/conference this month in Brighton. BUT they need your help! Travelling ain’t free unfortunately, so the hollas set up a GoFundMe campaign! Please spread the word and help them get to Brighton!!

Hollaback! Chemnitz had their launch party last week! At the party, guests released their self-published zines and celebrated the beginning of Hollaback! Chemnitz. Check out the lovely photos of the event!

Hollaback! Appalachian got some press in Athens Ohio Today about the launch of their new site!

Hollaback! Bosnia-Herzegovina set up a booth at their local fair and got LOTS of visitors! Check out the coverage of the event including some great pictures of the hollas in action!

Hollaback! Croatia brings you Hollaback! themed materials inspired by their recent contest! Check these out!

Hollaback! Berlin announces the Cats Against Cat Calling Compilation release party on May 31st!! Berlin hollas partnered with Riot Grrrl Berlin to put together this amazing project. The site will also be on the radio this upcoming Sunday. Listen to them here.

Hollaback! Chandigarh supports the city of Chandigarh in its first ever LGBTQ Pride March! Watch this BEAUTIFUL video of the march and celebration!

Hollaback! Istanbul is revving their engines for the upcoming “We Chalk Walk” campaign! Hollas London Birthday held a general meeting this week to talk about events and Hollaback-related plans! Stay tuned!

Hollaback! London is turning three years old! The site celebrated three years of fighting street harassment in conjunction with the launch of their publication, Langdon Olgar II! The big birthday bash/launch ceremony was complete with awesome music and delicious food. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLAS!!

Hollaback! West Yorkshire is excited to announce that they are now accepting submissions for their very first zine on street harassment. Send stories, poems, drawings, pictures, etc. to [email protected] with `zine submission’ in the header. The site is also preparing for their street harassment workshop in Bradford on June 1st!

Hollaback! Baltimore blogger Rebecca sheds light on how we have made significant progress in normalizing gay marriage, but very little progress normalizing abortion. Definitely a must read.

Hollaback! Boston interviewed Holly of the Holly Dolly blog for this week’s edition of the “Introducing” series. Site leader Britni hollas back at a possibly sexist marketing scheme by Coca Cola.

Beautiful week everyone! Keep up the inspiring work!

Holla and out

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A Week in Our Shoes

LR’s Story: Creepy Whale Impressionist

My friend was walking home from the bus stop and a man in a car made whale noises at her.

I've got your back!

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A Week in Our Shoes

A Week In Our Shoes: Raise For Women Challenge

News from New York:

  • PRESS! Hollaback! got a generous shout out in journalist Josh Sterns’ blog “Talking to Strangers” and in the Globe and Mail’s piece on Lego’s sexist mini-figures. We were also featured in Vassar’s student newspaper, The Miscellany News and in YC Teen Magazine!
  • PUBLICATIONS! To launch our RaiseForWomen Challenge with the Huffington post and Half the Sky, Deputy Director Debjani wrote a awesome article for the Huffington Post! Read about why increasing criminalization is not the answer to street harassment.
  • ADVOCACY! Emily and Jae met with Councilmember Ferreras’s staff to plan out another safety audit! Stay tuned. Emily also met with staffers from Councilmember Wills office this week.
  • PARTNERS! Jae, Lindsey, and Emily had lunch with the Feminists Women’s Health Centers of California to discuss collaboration.

News from around the world:

Hollaback! Brussels welcomes a guest entry on their blog in post by Emilie Van Limbergen. If you can read Dutch, check it out! In human rights news, Hollaback! Brussels is standing in strong support of rape victims and the organization “Rise Against Rape.” They are asking everyone to join them. This August 31, 2013 is the trial of the rapist, Taufik Ahaddouch, the a man who raped five young girls after being REALEASED from the justice system after raping another seven. This case represents serious failure of the justice system as a whole and the trial must be well-attended with supporters of the victims and allies against rape.

Hollaback! Philly’s projects coordinator, Anna, wrote a kickass article in the Huffington Post s part of the RaiseforWomen Challenge. With an incredible sense of humor, Philly hollas back at the “Ask Papa” advice columnist of the Philadelphia City Paper. Finally, check out the POWERFUL video tour of Philly’s Anti-Street Harassment Chalk Walk featuring our hollas and allies:

Meet Us on the Sidewalk from Kara Lieff on Vimeo.

Hollaback! Melbourne announces the launch of their  new series The F Word, a bi-weekly discussion of feminism, what it means, and issues that face feminists and humanists in the world today. This is going to be awesome, stay tuned!

Hollaback! Gent posted an extended discussion regarding LGBTQ experiences of street harassment and explores possible solutions.

Hollaback! Chemnitz covers their launch party and zine release! Check out what the new site has been up to! Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 5.20.39 PM

Hollaback! Chandigarh was featured in Femina, a well known women’s magazine in India! The issue covers Rubina’s story and how Hollaback! Chandigarh got started. This week, the site posted an essential resource on their site this week titled, “Ten Things You Need to Know About the Sexual Harassment at Workplace Law,” breaking down important facts and clarifications on the anti-sexual harassment law put in place in India last year.

Hollaback! West Yorkshire is getting ready for their street harassment workshop, scheduled for June 1st! The site is also announcing that they are now accepting submissions their upcoming zine on street harassment! Stories, poems, drawings, and pictures are all welcome! Holla at the via [email protected] with `zine submission’ in the header.

Hollaback! Baltimore presents….“4 Quotes from 4 Famous Male Allies.” Read these, they’re great!

Hollaback! Boston has released this week’s edition of Introducing!, an ongoing series where hollas interview Bostonians. This week, Boston hollas interviewed L, a friend of Hollaback! Boston who blogs anonymously at 5 Cities 6 Women. Next Thursday, May 9, Hollaback! Boston will be joining Fenway Health and IMPACT Boston next for a workshop on responding safely to street harassment how how to be an effective bystander. In honor of National Bike Month, hollas are calling for cyclists’ street harassment stories. Send them in!

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A Week in Our Shoes

A Week In Our Shoes: DENIM DAY!

Denim Day

Denim Day! Look at the top left!

Hollaback! is all over the beautiful Aiden Murray photography blog for our amazing chalk walking this month. Also, Hollaback! and I got an awesome shout out in the Los Angles Times this week!

Hollaback! NYC hosted a very successful clothing swap this week. Hollas and allies swapped clothing and raised some holla-funds while also collecting tons of clothes for Out Of The Closet. On Wednesday, hollas made a grand appearance at Denim Day at City Hall.

Hollaback! Philly is all over the news! Clutch Magazine and GeneroCity covered the site’s work on the anti-street harassment ads on SEPTA.

Hollaback! Ottawa also got some fancy press coverage regarding harassment on public transit! Read about our Ottawa hollas in The Province and The Ottawa Citizen.

Hollaback! Gent’s Jolien and her boyfriend will be running to raise funds for Hollaback! Gent. Find out how you can support them.

Hollaback! Belfast and Hollaback! Dublin started a campaign to urge Irish radio presenter, Ian Dempsey, to apologize for trivializing sexual assault on his show this week. Read the hollas’ open letter and sign the petition!

Hollaback! Melbourne launched a series of initiatives as part of their International Anti -Street Harassment Week. The site created a photo wall of a bunch of photos they collected of Melbournians holding up anti-street harassment messages. The site also put together a collage of fun and interesting online feminism.

Hollaback! Brussels reposted an awesome #sharethestreets report written by their volunteer, Anna Claire. The report covers the site’s activities throughout anti-street harassment week.

Hollaback! Berlin posted a series of tips how to deal with street harassment. Super valuable resource!

Hollaback! Chennai has a wonderful new entry titled, “A Time for Assessment, a Time for Growth” talking about the necessity of initiatives like Hollaback! and the site’s plans for the future. Stay tuned!

Hollaback! Baltimore hollablogger Rebecca Evans hollas back at the music video, “Sacrilege”!

Hollaback! Istanbul’s Kacie Lyn Kocher spoke at TEDxReset 2013!! Her incredible speech called Silence is a Choice is on youtube!! Watch her GO!

Hollaback! Boston interviewed Laura, founder of the Everyday Sexism Project about her work, inspiration, and vision for the future.

Hollaback! NYU got some press in Her Campus on their anti-street harassment rally and chalkwalk with Hollaback! NYC last week.

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A Week in Our Shoes

A Week In Our Shoes: 9 NEW SITES LAUNCH!

This past monday, April 15, Hollaback! launched NINE new sites! A HUGE Hollaback! welcome to our new amazing street harassment avengers:

Hollaback! Antwerp (Antwerp, Belgium)
Hollaback! Appalachian (Appalachian, Ohio, USA)
Hollaback! Athens (Athens, Georgia, USA)
Hollaback! Belfast (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Hollaback! Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hollaback! Chemnitz (Chemnitz, Germany)
Hollaback! Hamilton (Hamilton, Canada)
Hollaback! Los Angeles (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Hollaback! Toronto (Toronto, Canada)

Jae rockin' it at our rally!

Jae rockin’ it at our rally!

Here more news from the mothership:

  • PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS! We did a workshop this Tuesday with Brad Lander on fighting street harassment, and Emily spoke at Vassar on street harassment and how to end it!
  • NEW STAFF! Our lovely intern, Jae has just transitioned to be our Part-Time Program Associate! We are so glad to have her on board. Jae hosted a webinar for our site leaders this week on the “art of winning gracefully.”
  • PRESS! Hollaback! was featured in South Slope News and Brooklyn Ink this week!

And around the world:

  • Hollaback! NYC partnered with Hollaback! NYU and Council member Julissa Farreras to celebrate Anti-Street Harassment week with a rally and chalk walk. Hollas, partners, and fellow street harassment avengers spoke, danced, read poetry, and practiced self-defense. The group then chalked up Washington Square Park with colorful anti-street harassment slogans. MAJOR SUCCESS! Read about it here. Coming up soon, New York Hollas will be co-sponsoring a mayoral forum with NOW-NYC in May.
  • Hollaback! Toronto is off to an exciting start since their launch this week. On their site this week, Toronto Hollas give Toronto the lowdown on street harassment, their mission, and what Hollaback! Toronto will be all about.
  • Hollaback! Croatia presents the winners of their anti-street harassment slogans and images competition. Check this out!
  • Hollaback! Chandigarh continues their awesome series of bystander tips. Another great resource for learning how to be a kickass bystander!
  • Hollaback! Mexico DF has posted a bystander card translated for an even broader bystander educational audience! Doesn’t bystander training rock? Yes.
  • Hollaback! Philly got some major press this week. The site was featured in both Philly.com AND The Frisky this week for their recent anti-street harassment ad campaign on SEPTA public transit.
  • P1030893
  • Hollaback! Istanbul‘s founder Kacie Lyn Kocher did a Ted Talk last week! WOW! Her talk was called “Silence is a Choice.” Can’t wait till the video comes out!
  • Hollaback! Edinburgh did a very interesting interview with a Site Manager for a main housing developer, based in the South East region of England. Hollas asked him questions regarding company-wide policies against street harassment. Here are his answers.
  • Hollaback! Sheffield is holding an AGM for people who want to get involved in organising for Hollaback Sheffield. The site and attendees will discuss roles and objectives including campaigns, education and events. They will also begin the search for two or three new site leaders, as the wonderful Kate and Maria will be leaving next month.
  • Hollaback! Athens is celebrating their launch! The site is off to a roaring start with a Womens Self Defense Class and a documentary screening in honor of International Anti-Street Harassment Week!
  • Hollaback! Baltimore hollablogger Rebecca Evans applauds Philadelphia holla sisters in this week’s post for their awesome work on the street harassment comic book!
  • Hollaback! Des Moines posted the gorgeous photos from their anti-street harassment chalk walk! The site also published an awesome breakdown of different ways you can support Hollaback!
  • Hollaback! Fredericksburg partnered with the local boutique, FORAGE, to host the Anti-Style Shaming/Anti-Slut Shaming Photo Campaign. Here are some of the photos!
  • Hollaback RVA went chalking for International Anti-Street Harassment Week. Look at their BEAUTIFUL photos! RVA hollas also tabled at Take Back the Night at VCU on Wednesday! They a bunch more exciting events coming up later this month. Check them out!
  • Hollaback! Hamilton was on the radio! Hamilton Hollas were interviewed on The Broad Banned Radio Show on Mohawk College’s radio station, discussing sexual violence, street harassment, and Hollaback!

Keep up the incredible work!

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A Week in Our Shoes

Week in Our Shoes: Happy Anti-Street Harassment Week!

Dear HOLLAs —

Our Catapult Campaign Launched this week! With your support, we’ll bring our site leaders together in person for the first time ever.

Here at the mothership this week –

  • PRESS: We were on Huffington Post Live this week! Watch out Deputy Director Debjani REPRESENT! Debjani also rocked our socks talking to DNAinfo about Anti-Street Harassment week and our upcoming chalk walk. Hollaback! got a pretty nice shout out in MTV Act followed by Patrick McNeal’s awesome piece on LGBTQ harassment featuring Hollaback! in the Huffington Post.
  • TRAINING. Last Friday, our Deputy Director Debjani trained 58 9th graders at the High School of Fashion Industries, and last Saturday I trained over 50 Stanford students on how to build a movement at the Stanford Women’s Leadership Conference.
  • EVENTS: I attended the Youth+Tech+Health conference in San Francisco and moderated a panel on Technology solutions to prevent gender-based violence with panelists from Futures without Violence, Scenarios USA, and the University of Chicago.  Our board member Allison Sesso and team members Debjani and Jae went to the release of the white paper, “The Future of Online Feminism” at Barnard.
  • ADVOCACY: On Wednesday we flyered east Harlem with Councilmember Lappin and Senator Serrano. We also met with Councilmembers Recchia, Ferreras, and Fennario this week.
  • PARTNERS: We met with our partners at New Yorkers for Safe Transit this week, and I met with the incredible Aspen Baker from Exhale in San Francisco.


Here’s what happened around the world —

  • Hollaback! Edinburgh would like to welcome Dominic Hinde to the team’s organising committee. Read here about what brought Dominic to Hollaback!
  • Hollaback! Boston spoke at the Take Back the Night event at Bridgewater State University. They are also leading a chalk walk on Saturday, April 13th.
  • Hollaback! Polska started the Week by participating in a live radio broadcast on April 7. The broadcast is a weekly Sunday series titled “Enough with violence.” Hollas discussed the definition of street harassment, ways to react to it, what should be done to end it. They also focused on legal issues, especially the Polish anti-discriminatory law and its flaws. The site is participating in a debate in Warsaw on April 12 titled “NO to harassment in school and on campus” focusing on student safety and what should be done to better safety measure.
  • Hollaback! Sheffield is full of events this week! On monday, the site participated in a discussion workshop with Sheffield Feminist Network. Tuesday, they had a anti-street harassment craftisim workshop. Wednesday, holla hosted a screening of the film, Cairo 678, the story of three women and their daily experiences of sexual harassment in Egypt. On thursday, they Chalk Walked!
  • Hollaback! NYU and NYC are joining forces to host an anti-street harassment rally and chalk flyeringwalk on April 13.
  • Hollaback! NYC flyered in East Harlem this past week with Council Member Jessica Lappin,encouraging passersby to stand up against harassment and attend this weekend’s rally. Their rally will be in conjunction with Hollaback! NYU and a whole list of other incredible organizations!
  • Hollaback! Brussels is posting an amazing series of positive bystander stories this week. On April 13, they are leading a #ShareTheStreets Walk. Hollas will be walking around Brussels, leaving “gifts” for people to find around the city. The gifts will have little messages attached in order to start up conversation, a street dialogue of gifts to each other, promoting unity the rising up as bystanders. Brussels’ site also features a pretty awesome post by their kickass volunteer, Anna Claire. Read about her perspective on rape and harassment culture. Super relavent to all that we are working on this week!
  • Hollaback! Victoria did a chalk walk.
  • Hollaback! Baltimore will be on a panel discussion at University of Maryland and Maryland Institute of College Art.
  • Hollaback! Buenos Aires is hosting a self-defense workshop as well as a discussion group and film screening.
  • Hollaback! Kathmandu organized Reclaim The Streets, a week-long improvized street drama to reclaim the streets. They will do exagerated scenes of harassments & hollabacks at all the main public transport hubs around the city at rush hour each day.
  • Hollaback! Gent are doing SIX chalkwalks all around the city of Gent AND was interviewed on the news about their anti-street harassment work!
  • Hollaback! Melbourne will be speaking at the Melbourne Free University Panel on “Structures on Inequality: Men, Women and Power on the Streets.” On Sunday they will be holding Chalk Walking on Sydney Road.
  • Hollaback! Croatia is doing a presentation on the Zagreb campus.
  • Hollaback! Athens is hosting a self-defense class and a screening of the movie War Zone.
  • Hollaback! Appalachian, another brand new Hollaback! site was featured in The Athens News this week!
  • Hollaback! Dublin is doing an anti-steet harassment chalk walk.
  • Hollaback! Fredericksburg organized a chalk walk and an anti-style shaming photo-meme project and
  • Fburgcollaborated with Fredericksburg All Ages to engage local youth via share 3 acts about standing against street harassment.
  • Hollaback! Belfast lead a chalk walk featuring PORTABLE SIDEWALKS! They also celebrated with local artists, speakers from different local advocacy groups. Awesome.
  • Hollaback! Philly is working in partnership with FAAN Mail and engaging the community this week. Hollas are talking to SEPTA riders about Hollaback! Philly’s new anti-street harassment ads in the train cars, asking them to share their reactions.
  • Hollaback! Montreal hosted a free, bilingual workshop on bystander intervention. The site was also covered by The Link regarding the awesome work they are doing for Anti-Street Harassment Week 2013!
  • Hollaback! Ottawa met with OC Transpo officials this week and had quite a breakthrough. Officials listened to the case posed by Hollaback! Ottawa and is now open to the idea of a public service announcement or public education campaign to address harassment on transit and hopefully equipping bystanders with ways to intervene. YAY!! Also, check out this awesome article about in the Ottawa Citizen about what our hollas are doing!
  • Hollaback! Dresden did some chalking around the city this week. Check out the pics on their site!
  • Hollaback! Chandigarh posted a series of bystander tips on their site this week in honor of international anti-street harassment week. Check them out!
  • Hollaback! Italy did an anti-street harassment chalk walk in Milan! Find out how the walk went and look at their beautiful pictures!
  • Hollaback! Des Moines is hosting an Anti-Hate Prom, a dance party to promote dancing in safe, harassment free spaces.
  • Hollaback! Halifax addresses the tragic story of Rehtaeh Parsons. This young woman’s story is a meaningful example of the possible repercussions of not only gender-based violence, but also years of harassment and bullying. This is yet another message for us to keep fighting this good fight.
  • Hollaback! Philly was covered in both News Works this week!

An incredible week — thank you all for making it happen. End the week on a good note by donating to our campaign.


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A Week in Our Shoes

Week in Our Shoes: Chalkers and Walkers

Dear HOLLAbackers —

I am writing you from sunny Long Beach on a layover. It’s sunny, 72, and I’m sitting outdoors. I’m pretty sure this is the best layover of my life.

We are coming up on International Anti-Street Harassment Week. This upcoming week, April 7-April 13, Hollaback! sites all over the world will be chalk walking, rallying, marching, crafting, and hosting all sorts of events. Tell what action you’re taking on twitter (@ihollaback) and we’ll retweet it to promote it!


  • Utah State University and Stanford! I spoke at both this week. Next week, I’m moderating a panel at the Youth, Tech, Health conference in San Francisco.
  • Legislators! I met with staffers from Councilmembers Jackson, Lander, Lappin and Dickens offices this week about how they can address street harassment in their communities.
  • Book! I’m part of a new book called How Will You Create Positive Change! The book is by a young woman named Leah Oviedo who interviewed 16 people who are making positive changes in their communities. You can read it for FREE online,



  • Hollaback Belfast, our brand new site, has its first radio interview this evening with BBC!! Hollas will talk about the launch of their new site and get the word out about Hollaback! Way to go Belfast!
  • Hollaback! Philly‘s new anti-street harassment ads went up in the SEPTA trains this week! Thanks to the team, Philadelphia commuters can learn about street harassment and their right to feel safe on their way to work.phillyads
  • Hollaback! Boston is doing some incredible work for Sexual Assault Awareness Week! This past monday, the hollas hosted an Anti-Street Harassment Workshop at BU, discussing the meaning of street harassment and how it affects LGBTQ folks and people of color. The site then lead a chalkwalk on thursday with Voices for Choice.
  • Hollaback! Berlin is still collecting music for the “Cats against Catcalling” Compilation! Hollas are working hard with Riot Grrrl to compile their 6th compilation! You can submit here.
  • Hollaback! Buenos Aires is raising awareness on their site regarding forms of sexual harassment such as stalking and non-consensual picture-taking. Hollas also recently played an important role in a Reflection Group on street harassment.
  • Hollaback! Fredericksburg is getting ready for Anti-Street Harassment Week. Hollas are kicking off the week in a big way this Sunday with their anti-street harassment chalking event!
  • Hollaback! Brussels is joining the “My Choice Not Yours” campaign! The project was started by inspirational female fashiondesigner, Rachida Aziz. Hollas have just signed the charter and are participating all the way with this project! The team is also hosting a free self-defense workshop on April 20.
  • Hollaback! Gent is organizing SIX chalk walks for Anti-Street Harassment week next week. Monday April 8, Hollas will launch a six-day marathon of chalk walks all over Gent! Stay tuned for pictures and stories!
  • Hollaback! Desmoines interviewed cartoonist Kate Leth! Kate is a webcomic artist, cartoonist, and illustrator based in Halifax, using her creative work to raise awareness about street harassment. Read the full interview here. The team is also getting ready for their chalk walk next week!
  • Hollaback! Ottawa welcomes Lisane Thirsk to the team! Lisane did her Masters research on street harassment with Hollaback! Mexico Df and will now be working as Ottawa’s new Policy & Research Officer! Welcome, Lisane! Hollaback! Ottawa is getting ready for their chalkwSELFdefenseHollaGarance2013-1alk next Monday April 8. AND, in partnership with WISE: Women’s Initiatives for Safer Environments, the team is organizing a community dialogue on public transit safety called Talking Back! The free event will take place in May. Holla’s are hoping it will be a space for people to share their stories and for the community to come together to brainstorm solutions.
  • Hollaback! Czech boldy hollas back at a longstanding Czech Easter tradition. In this week’s post titled, “No, Sweetie, You Can’t Hit Women and I Don’t Care If It’s Easter!”, the team calls attention to the widely accepted Easter tradition of whacking women in the behind as being sexist in nature. Definitely worth a read!
  • Hollaback! Sheffield is preparing an amazing series of events for International Anti-Street Harassment Week. The team will be kicking off the week with a discussion and workshop with the Sheffield Feminist Network where the group will be exploring experiences and reactions to street harassment. Hollas will then host their Craftivism workshop and a Zine-making workshop on tuesday and wednesday.
  • Hollaback! Bmore blogger Rebecca Evans has two great posts up this week. The first is an eloquent discussion of the Steubbenville trial and media coverage. The second gives us a new perspective on recent feminist critique of pop sensation Beyonce. Read away, hollas!
  • Hollaback! RVA guest blogger Afton Bradley wrote an awesome blog this week on the proposed law in Arizona which promotes discrimination of trans folks when it comes to using restrooms. An important issue for sure, definitely worth a good read.

Thanks for all your support — and keep on holla’ing back!


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