A Week in Our Shoes

Week In Our Shoes: Survey, Survey, Survey Edition!

Happy Friday Hollabacker’s!

This week, the Hollaback! mothership attended the Emily May classroom at the Lower East Side Girls Prep and worked with fourth graders on a public art project.  Additionally, we received press hits from The Gothamist, Telesur, and NY City Lens.

We are working to spread the word on two big awesome things, and you can help!

Screen shot 2014-10-23 at 4.16.52 PM1) #Carrythatweight. Stand in solidarity with Emma Sulkowitz on 10/29. http://www.carryingtheweighttogether.com/get-involved. Carry a mattress and demand the end of sexual violence on college campuses and around the world.

2) As previously announced, our international street harassment survey is live. Thank you everyone for sending out the survey links. There are many different languages and locations. Send out the survey to as many list serves as possible. Reach high, reach wide! An international survey will give us worldwide solutions!

And here’s what the rest of our sites around the world have been up to….

Hollaback! Appalachian Ohio alerted us to the media coverage of the F@#KRAPECULTURE rally had some glaring omissions. Here’s one reporter’s attempt at starting to put LGBT people and women of color back into the headlines. Props for keeping the Hollaback! movement intersectional. 

Hollaback! Bahamas guest lectured a Sociology class at The College of The Bahamas on street harassment and gender issues. They were also special guests at College of The Bahamas Union of Students’ Equality in Democracy forum. Additionally The Tribune reported on Hollaback! Bahamas’ presence at the Global Citizenship Conference in New Orleans.

Hollaback! Gent and Brussels co-organized a workshop on body-shaming and especially fat-shaming street harassment with FatPositivity Belgium.

10628108_732382560190110_8989879809764663003_nQuentin Daspremont of Hollaback Brussels has been invited to give a talk on street harassment for the occasion of the comic book release of Project Crocodiles (pictured left). Project Crocodiles is a comic book and tumblr project of the illustrator/artist Thomas Mathieu where he transforms real harassment stories into drawings where harassers are crocodiles. We worked with Thomas before and he has transformed our bystander guide and tips on how to respond page into drawings/memes that have gone viral. 

In other news for Hollabacker’s, CBS coverage of food shaming has hopped from Boston, to Miami to Hollaback! Pittsburgh and the Know Your Rights Guide continues to get press. 

Great job this week, team! HOLLA and out!

– The Hollaback! Staff 

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A Week in Our Shoes

Week In Our Shoes: Know Your Rights! Edition

Screen shot 2014-10-16 at 4.23.03 PM

Deputy Director Debjani Roy

Happy Friday Hollabackers!

The Hollaback! mothership has been very busy this week. We started the week attending the ROC United rally against sexual harassment in the restaurant industry, where Deputy Director Debjani Roy spoke alongside Saru Jayaram and Eve Ensler.

We released the global street harassment Know Your Rights Guide  in conjunction with Thomson Reuters Foundation and coordinated by global law firm DLA Piper. The guide has already been shared on Think Progress, Cosmopolitan and Bust! We also released  the Hollaback! international survey with Cornell University. We urge you to take it and share it. We also announced our involvement with the Carrying the Weight Together day of action on October 29th! Click on the link to see how you can get involved.

Finally, Emily and Debjani trained 80 rookie NYPD officers on street harassment on Thursday.

And here’s what site leaders have been up to:

Hollaback! Appalachian Ohio did two readings of the Support Zine for the women currently incarcerated at Southeast Ohio Regional Jail.

10334238_352634198226327_2384405174949754488_n Site leader Sarah Fick wrote this letter to the editor in support of the student group F@#KRAPECULTURE at Ohio University. They participated in a rally demanding mandatory consent education for all students each year, protesting rape culture and expanding awareness of sexual violence. The rally received much press attention coverage and photos galore, including front page coverage in the Athens News (with a Hollaback! mention at the tail end). And the student paper has this pretty cool video up. For more photos click here.

Hollaback! Appalachian Ohio also taught a 1.5 hour workshop on rape culture and bystander intervention for 40 Anthropology students at Ohio University AND Debuted the Body Hair Hoopla photo exhibit at the Ohio University Women’s Center’s Love Your Body Day event. 

Screen shot 2014-10-16 at 3.21.53 PMHollaback! Boston co-hosted Northeastern Stands Together Against Harassment, a block party at Northeastern University to support Tatyana Fazlalizadeh’s residency at the school with her Stop Telling Women To Smile Project. Here’s a recap of the event. They also joined the Confronting Police Brutality & Racial Profiling Rally and Speak Out where they were announced as one of the members of the new Boston Coalition For Police Accountability. Awesome Boston! AND they did a workshop at Berklee College of Music.

Hollaback! Philadelphia will be at Locust Moon Fest this weekend. They were at NYCC last weekend. Stay tuned for an upcoming TV spot on CBS news talking about food shaming (they’re running it to extend Hollaback! Boston‘s recent work).

Hollaback! Ottawa marched in the local Take Back the Night March.

Hollaback! Brussels was interviewed by La Première – RTBF radio on the subject: “How to protect women from groping hands on the public transport?” They discussed the fines against harassers and the new anti-sexism law in Belgium and the potential ineffectiveness of these.

Hollaback! LA ran a workshop series with imMEDIAte Justice with high school girls working with film to speak back against harassment.

Wow! There’s been a lot going on. Thank you for all of your hard work as always.

Great job this week, team! HOLLA and out!

– The Hollaback! Staff

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A Week in Our Shoes

Week in Our Shoes: Press on Press on Press Edition

Happy Friday Hollaback!’ers!

Hollaback sites around the world have been spreading the word through many media outlets!

Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 12.56.01 PM
Jessica William’s roundabout map of harassment avoidance.

The Hollaback! mothership team was featured in The Daily Show’s segment on street harassment. Correspondent Jessica Williams used biting satire and wit to challenge assumptions on street harassment. Williams even tweeted at Hollaback! when the segment aired.

Press coverage for Hollaback! NYC continued as the MTA’s efforts to prevent harassment were highlighted in Aljezeera America. Check out Deputy Director, Debjani Roy’s comments on the matter!

Hollaback! is proud to be a part of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United’s initiative to end harassment of restaurant workers. They are utilizing our employer guide, authored by Deputy Director, Debjani Roy, who will be speaking at a rally on Tuesday to share stories of harassment in the restaurant industry.

Programmes Associate Jae Cameron and Executive Director Emily May
Programe Associate Jae Cameron and Executive Director Emily May on The Daily Show

Executive Director, Emily May commented on the tragic and disturbing attacks in Detroit and New York toward women who resisted harassment.

“Street harassment is on a spectrum of gender-based violence,” May pointed out. “When street harassment is okay, it makes groping okay. And when groping is okay, it makes assault okay. And when assault is okay, it makes murder OK. We need to stop this cycle where it starts.”

Emily has also been very busy on the road! She just spoke at the Stanford Online Feminism conference and presented at the Global Citizenship Conference in New Orleans with Alicia from Hollaback! Bahamas.

Meanwhile in Canada…

Hollaback! Hamilton site leader Jess Prominski was interviewed in The Spec, Hamilton’s online daily newspaper for the article “Catcalls, Groping and Insults are a Reality for Hamilton Women.”

Hollaback! Halifax has experienced even more media coverage of the #CatsGlareBack rally in Watch Magazine and the Chronicle Herald. You can also listen to their panel discussion “Unlearn: Rape Culture” on Dalhousie University’s radio online (available to stream and download for the next couple of months).

Additionally, there were press hits for Hollaback! Delhi in Vocativ and a re-airing of the CBS Boston spot on Hollaback! Boston and food shaming for CBS Miami, as well as a mention in the NYU News.

Great job this week, team!

HOLLA and out!

– The Hollaback! Staff

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A Week in Our Shoes

Week In Our Shoes: Panels, Protests and Arts Edition

Happy Friday Hollaback!’ers!

Hollaback sites around the world have been busy with workshops, panels, protest and more.

Screen shot 2014-10-02 at 10.34.26 AM

Extra, extra read all about it! The Hollaback! mothership was featured on the front page of Metro New York, a free paper distributed on public transportation. Deputy director Debjani Roy weighed in on the MTA’s reevaluation of their sexual harassment policies.

While this was going on in NYC, ED, Emily May and HB Bahamas site leader, Alicia Wallace were tearing it up at the Melton Foundation’s Global Citizenship Conference.

And here’s what our sites around the world have been up to:

Hollaback! Appalachian Ohio did a 2-hour empowerment self defense workshop at the Susan B. Anthony Memorial Unrest Home Womyn’s Land Trust, as well as two workshops on self care for the women at Southeast Ohio Regional Jail AND one self defense workshop for the women at Rural Women’s Recovery Center. Workshops for the win!

Dee Dooley at Hollaback! Ottawa Cats Glare Back. (Photo by Sara Slaunwhite)

Dee Dooley at Hollaback! Halifax Cats Glare Back. (Photo by Sara Slaunwhite)

Hollaback! Halifax, collaborated with Avalon Sexual Assault Centre on a wicked Cats Against Cat Calling Event. Approximately 60 people participated: about 20 bikes, a motorcycle, an Accessibus, a rolling stage (flatbed truck with sound system) and a bunch of people walking. There were spoken word performances at several stops along the route, and speakers at our destination including Glen Canning (father of Rehteah Parsons). Here is an article and some pictures from the event! #catsglareback

Hollaback! Halifax  leader Rebecca Faria participated in an Unlearn Rape Culture Panel. About 50-60 people attended. Panelists discussed definitions of rape culture, the many ways that institutions (such as universities) systemically reinforce it, and strategies for alleviating it.

Hollaback! London is collaborating with other Hollaback!’s in the UK including Sheffield, Bristol, Norwich and Edinburgh on the ever expanding Good Night Out Campaign, promoting harassment free nights outs in clubs, bars, pubs and venues around the UK and Ireland. Fundraising ends October 24th.

Hollaback! Ottawa sent out a letter to every candidate running for council in their upcoming municipal election (all 130+ of them!) asking them what they’re going to do about gender-based violence. The responses are compiled here.

Alicia Wallace, director of Hollaback! Bahamas with the Equality Tree. Painted by artist Allan P. Wallace.

Alicia Wallace, director of Hollaback! Bahamas with the Equality Tree. Painted by artist Allan P. Wallace.

Hollaback! Bahamas pulled off the first event for Equality Bahamas at Hillside House Studio & Gallery and attracted a crowd of over 200 people. It was an art exhibition (the work of Antonius Roberts) complete with an address by Marion Bethel (recipient of 2014 Caricom Triennial Award for Women), and dramatization of quotes from Bahamas Women’s Suffrage Movement by 3 actresses. 

They also unveiled the Equality Tree – a collaborative painting which will be taken everywhere we go during the gender equality referendum educational campaign as an interactive art piece.

Hollaback! Boston participated in a Title IX teach in at Tufts University on Friday.




Great job this week team!

HOLLA and out!

– The Hollaback! Staff

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A Week in Our Shoes

Week In Our Shoes: Events, events, events issue!

Happy Friday Hollaback!’ers,

This week conversations, events, and press hits have continued in earnest! Hollaback was featured in Ms. Magazine and WBZ CBS Boston.

At the Mothership, DD, Debjani Roy, hosted the first meeting of the newly launched people of color leadership pipeline with our awesome site leaders.


By Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

ED, Emily May attended and delivered a lightning talk at the ONA Conference in Chicago.

And in HB site land…

Hollaback! Ottawa commented on the apparent claim that rates of harassment on busses have decreased in the Ottawa Sun.

Hollaback! Boston hosted their first back-to-school Take Back The Bar Boston event, as well as the first support group meeting with a focus on post-harassment self-care. They were also featured in a CBS segment on food shaming!

Hollaback! Appalachian Ohio completed a series of 4 45-minute workshops on sexual assault prevention with 23 8th graders at Vinton Middle School.

Hollaback! Twin Cities tabled at a spoken word and music event about street harassment resulting in great conversations.

Great job this week, team!

HOLLA and out!

– The Hollaback! Staff 

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A Week in Our Shoes

Week In Our Shoes: Trainings, Talks, and Protests Edition!

Happy Friday Hollaback!’ers,

This week has seen some targeted press, with articles in The Huffington Post, Fast Company, and PIX 11.

Hollaback! sites around the world are busy this week:

The Hollaback! Mothership held a street harassment training at the Rainbow Heights club: a center for support and advocacy for LGBT mental health consumers.

Hollaback! Berlin talked about feminism and pop culture at the “Bundes Frauen*InterTrans*Konferenz” of the Grüne Jugend in Leipzig.

Hollaback Des Moines held a monthly meet up and tabled at the Iowa Student Power Convergence.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 1.17.56 PMHollaback! London has raised up to £730 in crowd funding for the Good Night Out Campaign

…And participated in a Russian radio panel discussion on sexism!

Hollaback! Bahamas Trained the trainers! The session with COBUS (College of The Bahamas Union of Students) focused on the Constitutional Amendment Bills regarding gender equality was a huge success. 

The team also guest lectured a class at COB on gender issues and the Constitutional Amendment Bills.

Hollaback! Ottawa spoke at and marched in their local Slutwalk last Saturday.

Great job this week team!

HOLLA and out!

– The Hollaback! Staff

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A Week in Our Shoes

Week in Our Shoes: Non Stop Trainings Edition

Happy Friday Hollaback!’ers!

This week has shown a whirlwind of press for Hollaback! sites, with features in Mic, Voqal, Metro Boston, Al Jazeera America, and the Huffington Post.

Hollaback! sites around the world are as busy as ever. This week:

The Hollaback! Mothership held two street harassment training sessions at Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School and an all day training session for BOCES training prep in partnership with Cornell University. Our deputy director, Debjani, was interviewed for Al Jazeera America – you can check out that video here!

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 2.15.55 PMHollaback! Boston successfully lobbied their mayor to sign a pledge agreeing to community safety audits! The auditing begins on September 15th. They’ve also launched their anti-street harassment ads on local transit. SO AMAZING! And finally, they just launched a campaign to take down the Dov Charney flag at a local American Apparel, citing the numerous sexual harassment lawsuits filed against him. Sign their petition here!

Also, one of their site leaders, Kate, won a One in Three Impact award. Go Kate!

Hollaback! Polska had a ton of press this week, being quoted in two separate Na:temat articles on harassment and online privacy.

Hollaback! Melbourne was represented at Slutwalk; site leader Simone was one of the speakers addressing the crowd of over 1,000 folks. HB Melbourne is a friend of Girls on Film Festival – a feminist festival launching this weekend. Check it out here!

Hollaback! Mumbai is one of the official partners of Breakthrough‘s #selfies4school campaign – a campaign that aims to send 25k girls to school. The team will be contributing towards the blogathon and providing social media promotion. Check out the campaign here.

bangaloreHollaback! Bangalore gave an anti-street harassment talk and presentation to SSMRV Degree College.

Hollaback! Bahamas presented at the COBUS (College of the Bahamas Union of Students) Health & Safety forum on street harassment. They also participated in a series of video interviews on the Constitutional Amendment Bills for gender equality. And, to cap off the week, they attended three workshops and events hosted by the U.S Embassy on women’s empowerment and youth engagement. Whew!

Hollaback! Appalachian Ohio site leader Sarah’s art was featured in the article “Two Underground Artists gain inspiration locally while gaining wider attention” in the Athens News. It featured anti-street harassment art that you can check out here!

Hollaback! Philly is holding a cosplayer harassment panel at the J1 Anime Con on Sunday. The Con is using Hollaback! Philly’s manual to train all of their volunteers before the convention. Hooray!

Great job this week team!

HOLLA and out!

– The Hollaback! Staff


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A Week in Our Shoes

A Week in Our Shoes: Back to School Edition

Happy Friday Hollas!

This week has seen a fair amount of press, including the Thompson Reuters Foundation, Columbia SpectatorYale Daily News, and the Huffington Post. And, in case you missed it, the Daily Show had an amazing segment on street harassment – check it out!

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 4.46.57 PM

Hollaback! sites around the world have been busier than ever:

Hollaback! Bahamas was on The Not So Late Show on Wednesday night. The team met with the College of The Bahamas’ Pro Society president about upcoming events and partnership opportunities. They presented to College of The Bahamas Union of Students on Hollaback! and street harassment and agreed on a date for educational ambassador training on the Constitutional Amendment Bills for gender equality. And finally, they spoke with Equality Now about gender inequality in The Bahamas for their upcoming report re: Beijing +20. Whew!

Hollaback! Halifax had some amazing press this week. In the Coast’s annual “back to school” recommended twitter follows, Hollaback! Halifax made the top of the list.

Hollaback! Baltimore held their amazing Proclaim No Shame event. The group gathered to, in their words, “fight unrealistic beauty standards, body-shaming media, and socialized politeness.” Go Baltimore! You can read a write up of the event, including a poem by Tyler Vile here.proclaimnoshame

Hollaback! Boston‘s MBTA ads (alongside Mass. NOW) go up in their local transit this week – keep your eyes open for them and, if you run across them, take a photo @iHollaback!

the Hollaback! Ottawa team co-wrote this amazing response to a classist street harassment article. Key quote? “To think that an educated man is somehow above engaging in street harassment simply because he is educated is malarkey.”

Atrevete DF Hollaback! held a wheat pasting art event with artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, collaborating on her Stop Telling Women to Smile project.

Great job this week Hollas!

HOLLA and Out!

– The Hollaback! Team


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A Week in Our Shoes

Week in Our Shoes: Wrapping up the Summer Edition

Happy Friday Hollaback!’er’s!

This week has been full of press, with interviews and overviews in Fox 5, AM New YorkPhiladelphia Daily News, the Daily Iowan, the Vancouver Courier, and more!


Hollaback! sites around the world are making this last week of summer count! This week,

Hollaback! Ottawa marched in their Capital Pride parade (with amazing outfits!)

Hollaback! Bahamas had a press heavy week – including Bahamas at Sunrise and the radio show “Connected.” On top of all that, they held their first Educational Ambassador Training (on Constitutional Amendment Bills going to referendum) at the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas.

The Hollaback! Mothership‘s deputy director Debjani Roy had an op-ed published in XOJane.

Hollaback! Boston began conversations with Uber on creating safer riding environments in their city.

Hollaback! Columbus held a local meeting and info session, bringing together volunteers and folks interested in ending street harassment in their city.

Hollaback! London is taking the UK by storm this week with their Good Night Out campaign. The crowd-funding for their campaign just launched – so spread the news! The team also made waves over at the BBC, after they were interviewed to discuss the recent attack faced by a woman at the Notting Hill Carnival.

Great work team! 

Until next week,

HOLLA and out!



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A Week in Our Shoes

Week in Our Shoes: New Threads Edition

weekinourshoesHappy Friday Hollaback!’er’s!

This week, Hollaback! has been busy with press, receiving coverage in : Change Magazine, Salon, Today, Business Insider, XOJaneNew York Daily News, and more.

Hollaback! sites around the world are going strong:

The Hollaback! Mothership penned a response to the TERRIBLE NY Post pro-street harassment article with their own “Hey Ladies – Catcalls Lead to Gender Based Violence. Deal with it” satire. Co-founder Emily May wrote an additional response for the New York Daily News.

Hollaback! Ottawa was on fire this week with radio and press coverage at CBC. They held a community meeting and created a list of top 5 priorities they’d like to see in the municipal election, which you can see in this amazing infographic.

Hollaback! Des Moines created the cutest t-shirt around. The shirts read “Just keep Hollering at me and eventually I’ll sleep with you!You can pick them up here – 50% of proceeds go to Hollaback! Des Moines.

Hollaback! Mexico DF (Atrevete DF) translated Cards Against Harassment and have begun distributing them in their community.

Great Job Hollas!

Until next time,

HOLLA and out!

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