Anon’s Story: “I was so shocked”

Walking on a footpath when 4WD came speeding down suburban street. I mouthed slowdown but he was going so fast it wasn’t really to him. I was just shocked at his speed. He sped on, then stopped, opened his window and called out: “you fucking slut!” Was a metallic 4WD. I should have got a photo of the car but I was so shocked at what happened. It was so unexpected.

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Dee’s Story: “I could not believe what I was hearing”

A few years ago, I was walking to my partners work to meet him before he finished and a group of guys outside the venue yelled out for me to show them my ‘privates’ (although they used much more colourful language). I could not believe what I was hearing and felt instantly disgusted and uncomfortable.

The ‘funny’ thing was, when my partner walked out with me in the end (after I told him what happened) not one of the jerks said anything. Low life scum bags. Apparently I’m only safe when accompanied by a man.

I wish this was the only encounter I had had with this breed of despicable human, but unfortunately, this has happened countless times.

It needs to stop. It’s not acceptable.

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A Week in Our Shoes

A Week In Our Shoes: International Anti-Street Harassment Week

Hey Hollas!
Poster makingThis week we’re dedicating Week In Our Shoes to International Anti- Street Harassment Week! Here at Hollaback! HQ we have been busy planning and prepping for our International Anti-Street Harassment Rally. We’ve been coordinating speakers, creating posters and working with our cosponsors to get the word out. If you’re looking to fight street harassment this week, come fight it with us tomorrow, April 16th,  at 2:00 in Tompkins Square Park.


And at Hollaback! Sites around the world:

Hollaback! Bahamas partnered  with College of the Bahamas Ambassadors and Pro Society for a chalking event along the campus’ ‘Survivors Walk’, a main walkway on campus.

Hollaback! Baltimore partnered with FORCE to speak at the Monument Quilt Display, held a coffee chat at the Bun Shop, ran a self-care event at the MICA wellness center, held a virtual write in for #EndSH week, joined a twitter chat with CASS and held a wheatpasting event. Saturday April 16th they will be holding a public rally in Baltimore.

Hollaback! Vegas tabled at The Extreme Thing and held various chalking events at high schools throughout Southern Nevada.

Hollaback! Ottawa hosted a panel on street harassment and intersectionality. hollaback vancouver

Hollaback! Peterborough will be hosting a chalk walk on Saturday April 16th.

Hollaback! Cuenca will be holding their first Anti-Street Harassment Coffee this Saturday April 16th.

Hollaback! Vancouver held a wheatpasting  event and two therapeutic body mapping workshops. They will also be hosting a party with Good Night Out to celebrate consent and create harassment-free spaces.

That’s everything for this week! Stay tuned for more next week! 

Holla and out! 


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racial discrimination, Verbal

New to New York

I recently moved to New York from my native country and was trying to figure my way back to my apartment it was about 9 pm. Suddenly a man started walking beside me saying “hey beautiful wanna go somewhere. ” I tried to ignore him thinking that if I did he would get fed up and go away. But he didn’t. He continued saying “what you don’t like black? ” “too big for you? ” I thought it was enough and said leave me alone but he caught up on my accent saying that if “I can’t face NYC then I should have just stayed in Asia ” and walked away cursing me. I don’t know of I feel the same about NYC anymore .

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Sara’s Story: Catcalling is harassment not a compliment

I was walking home from uni at around 2 pm in the afternoon, same thing i do everyday, when i passed by these two guys that stopped what they were talking about and one of them said to me “girl, you don’t know what I’d like to do with that ass of yours”.
I couldn’t help it so i turned back and looked at them with a “what the hell are you saying” face. My reaction was normal, but they thought it to be an attack so they decided to follow me to my house, and when i was getting inside, they shouted “now we know where you live”.
They had to be around 16 years old and I am 22, so their effort to threaten me just made me laugh, which offended them so of course they called me in the same sentence a PRUDE AND SLUT.
There were more people in the street, they were watching the scene and they didn’t even make a sound.
What pisses me off it is not that they insulted and followed me or comment about my ass; what bothers me is that their behavior has been normalized and socially accepted. In fact, at least in Spain, many men don’t even see that as an attack to women as a collective.
This is why we need feminism. Having a dick doesn’t legitimize a man to have an unwanted opinion on a woman’s body. Catcalling is harassment, not complimenting. Even if it was complimenting…we don’t need men’s approval on how we dress or look. We don’t need any man’s opinion on how hot or fat we are; in fact, we don’t need any man’s opinion on anything we do, unless we ask for it.

Thanks for reading and hi from Spain to all women out there fighting for equality 🙂

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Groped during rush hour

I was on a busy 4 train uptown and it was very crowded after work. An guy started rubbing his finger over my crotch area. At first I thought it was an accidental brush but he then did it again, I moved back slightly but couldn’t move much. I imagined that I was misreading the situation but then his finger ran up and down the length of my penis in my jeans. I was so shocked and embarrassed I didn’t know what to do, the train pulled into 86st and he got off quickly and I couldn’t see him. I was reluctant to tell a member of staff or police because I was embarrassed – I thought I would share on here to see if this has happened to anyone else because this guy can’t continue to get away with this.

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Nonverbal Harassment, Verbal

A Commute Full of Harassment

I was standing on the subway platform, minding my own business and I looked up to see some guy passing by, leering at me and looking me up and down. When I made eye contact, he thought I was ready to flirt with him and he cracked a smile and said ‘hellooo!’ Ugh, nope. THEN, I got on the train and after a few stops a guy sat diagonal from me and just kept staring at me. I wanted to take it easy as I had a long ride ahead of me, but I could feel his eyes focusing on my legs. I just wanted to hide in my coat. When I got off at my station and walked to work, I was again met by ‘helloooo, good afternoon’ in front of a building I try to avoid, but didn’t today. What is up with today?

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Nonverbal Harassment, Story

Rachelle’s Story

I was walking with my infant daughter in a carrier. I had just said goodbye to my partner, and walked towards riverside to go to my home. On the way there, a man jumped in my path and started cooing at my daughter — not an issue, happens often — but he wouldn’t let up, and blocked my path. I smiled thinly and waited it out, feeling uncomfortable and shifting my body so he couldn’t touch her. He touched me instead, running his hand along my back and arm, and started saying stuff about my body. I didn’t really know what to do — I was worried he would be mean or hurt us or yell and scare my daughter, and I didn’t want her to be scared or see me being scared, so I just kind of stood there and smiled.
I eventually pushed him off and walked with my head down, not listening to him as he called after us. When I hear other people’s stories and they say they were scared, I forget what that strange feeling of fear can be – it’s isolating and roots you in place. It’s nothing and something and overblown and serious at the same time. I always feel like I’m overreacting…and then suddenly like I’m not. I always doubt myself and, no matter how often I tell myself otherwise, somehow feel responsible for what happened. My daughter is 10 months old, and this is going to happen again — and then it’s going to happen to her. I want to know how to respond so that she doesn’t think I’m afraid, or that she knows this isn’t okay, but I’m still scared and I don’t ever want to endanger her. It feels hopeless somedays.

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“Are you okay?”

Waiting for the bus a guy was coming up to people asking for change. He was chatting with a young women and put his arm in hers.
I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but was keeping an eye out unsure if I should walk over and check in with her. As soon as he left, she quickly walked over to stand next to me. I asked if she was okay, if she knew the guy.
She said:
“No, I don’t know him. I was just trying to be polite and hoping he didn’t get violent”

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Nonverbal Harassment, Stalking, Verbal

Lexy’s Story

I was walking to the 2 train to go visit a friend when a guy who walked pass me did a 180 and started following me. And by following, I mean was on top of me. His body was literally touching mine as I was walking, asking for my phone number and if I would be his girlfriend. In that moment I went into “fight or flight” mentality that so many of us women find ourselves in. Do I just stay quiet and keep walking, hoping he goes away? Or do I turn around and face my potential attacker? At first I quietly declined his advances, although his body was pushing me to walk faster. I was quickly looking for people who were close by or open businesses that I might be able to walk in to. Then I increased my request for him to leave me alone by simply stating I would call the police if he didn’t leave me alone. This persisted for several blocks, so I finally stopped in my tracks, looked him in the eye and yelled at the top of my lungs “Leave me the fuck alone or I swear to God I will fucking choke the shit out of you!” He laughed and finally walked away.

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