A Week in Our Shoes

Week in Our Shoes: Events and Features from Around the World!

Hi Hollas!


Here at the HQ, we’ve been stewing in the heatwave–but that doesn’t stop us from forging ahead in building this movement to end street and online harassment! Despite the sweltering weather we’re very excited to be planning and prepping for the Fall. Meet our new Communications Intern Lucy, a recent grad from UC Berkeley! 


We are also thrilled to announce that we are looking for a Program and Communications Coordinator, who will be working in our office in Brooklyn. This is a brand new position and the deadline for applications is on August 15, 2016. Please share this with everyone you know and help us build our team in preparation for Hollaback!’s big, bright future!


Here’s what Hollaback! sites around the world has been up to this week: 


Hollaback! Oxford was featured twice this week: on BBCOxford Radio and BBC South Today. Check out and follow their Facebook page for the full video. You go Hollaback! Oxford!


Hollaback! Ottawa shared photos hollabackottowaof a chalk walk they recently held in order to spread anti-harassment messages and to create a dialogue about harassment in their community.
Follow them on Twitter
 to see some more amazing chalk drawings from the event!


Hollaback! Detroit has their first event at BFF Fest this weekend! They’ll be holding a workshop on responding to street harassment and how to be a good bystander on Saturday, July 30 from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm at El Club, located at 4114 West Vernor Highway in Detroit. Stay tuned to this new site for more information on this event and any upcoming events!

That’s all for this week!

Holla and out!
– the Hollaback! Team


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groping, Story

Penn Station Harasser

I was standing in Penn Station, NYC – waiting to get my train out of the city, I was looking at the screen to see which platform my train would arrive on. It was very crowded and hot, I was wearing leggings and a white t-shirt. People were piling through the station and suddenly a man from behind reached and squeezed my ass in a very aggressive and sexual manner. I was shocked and I turned around to see who had done it but it was so busy there was no sure way to tell. I spoke to two cops who tried to help me identify the man but as I was not 100% sure of who did it, there wasn’t much they could do. I was escorted by the police to my platform so that I was not followed.

It was very scary and I was very upset and had never experienced anything like that before. I regularly experience cat calls and verbal harassment, but never anything physical.

I am shocked at the way anyone could think that it is ok to reach out and touch somebody like that, it is disgraceful and incredibly disrespectful. I should not have to fear standing in a public space – I should not have to worry about being inappropriately touched.

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Nonverbal Harassment

HOLLA ON THE GO: Photos taken of me

I was walking my dog around 5:45pm on a Monday when I noticed a man standing next to his bike taking photos of me as I walked by. When I passed I turned around and he was taking photos of my butt. I started yelling at him and insisted that he was not allowed to take photos of me and to show me his phone. I could see the photos of my butt on his phone but he got on his bike and rode away before deleting them. When I called the police they provided no support.

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Catcalled at the supermarket

I was shopping at the supermarket for my flat and a slimy teenager told me I had a nice ass and catcalled/verbally harassed me. Not that it’s relevant but it is still worth saying I was wearing my vans, jeans and an oversized mickey mouse sweater. Even worse his parents didn’t care.

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Drive by comments on my appearance and cat-calls. Was SO CLOSE to making it home today without being harassed!

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A Week in Our Shoes

Week in Our Shoes: Nine New Sites Edition!

Happy weekend Hollas,


This week at the Headquarters, we are celebrating the leadership of nine new Hollaback! sites! These teams have gone through intensive training and community outreach and we can’t wait to see what they’ll do next. Join us in welcoming leading thinkers and movement makers in Costa RicaDetroit, USAJakarta, IndonesiaLawrence, KS, USAMadrid, SpainOslo, NorwayOxford, UKRiyadh, Saudi ArabiaTrinidad and Tobago. Check out their websites to volunteer, send a kind message, or to keep up with the launch events they’ve planned.

Emily and Jae were at Nexus Youth Summit 2016 this week in NYC, and Debjani held an important interview on PX11 Morning News to discuss Gretchen Carlson’s experience of harassment. Also, big news — this week HeartMob won “best new product” at Netroots Nation! We’ve been having a dance party all week long.


Here’s what Hollaback! sites around the world have been up to this week:


Hollaback! Vancouver‘s Good Night Out program had a heavy presence at Bass Coast festival. These folks are doing amazing work creating safer spaces in festival, club, and concert culture to ensure thanetrootsnation2t we all have a good night (and weekend) out. They write, “when creating a community with intention those elements of the status quo have no place, and you do all you can to both challenge and resist them – this includes prioritizing conversations about safety and consent.” If you’re interested in joining up, send them an email at [email protected] for training, or just to tell them that they are awesome.

Hollaback! Halifax site leader Rebecca was featured on CBC news radio, discussing the importance of oversight for Taxis and debating dashcam use. Have an opinion on the matter and want to lend your voice? Reach out to the always inspiring Hollaback! Halifax through twitter at @HollabackHRM

Hollaback! Detroit held a recent workshop on understanding and combatting harassment with Girls Rock Detroit. They’ll have more great workshops coming up – so stay tuned to this new site!


We couldn’t be more excited about the amazing work we’re seeing from site leaders around the world this summer! If you’re looking to support your local Hollaback!, check out their site and support pages, or volunteer by sending an email to [email protected] – we’d love to hear from you!


Holla and out –


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Nine New Hollaback! Sites Launch Today!

We are so excited to announce that nine new Hollaback! sites are launching today! These sites leaders and teams have completed Hollaback’!s intensive leadership and organizing training, running since January. They’re ready to lead local events, campaigns, and actions – and they’re coming to a town near you. Join us in giving a big welcome to local leaders bringing the movement home in:

Costa Rica 
Detroit, USA 

Jakarta, Indonesia 

Lawrence, KS, USA 

Madrid, Spain

Oslo, Norway

Oxford, UK

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Trinidad and Tobago


<3 <3 <3

Check out their local sites to share your stories and send them your support on social media! And, if you’re interesting in joining the next class of training, sign up today!



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Liz’s Story: “Put some clothes on”

I was walking outside 878 Main Street in Lafayette, Indiana around 3 PM when a man in a car drove by and screamed “put some fucking clothing on, you whore!”

Not that it matters, but I was wearing jeans and a tank top.

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HeartMob Wins “Best New Product” at Netroots Nation!


This Saturday, HeartMob was voted “Best New Product” at the Netroots Nation New Tools Shout Out! We couldn’t be more happy to receive this tremendous honor so early in HeartMob’s development.


Can you do us a favor and help us spread the good news? Retweet this link.


If you’ve never heard of Netroots Nation, it is the largest progressive gathering in the US. We are honored to have been chosen from among 20 other amazing organizations like Moveon.org, Daily Kos, and Medium. The event was sponsored by New Media Ventures.


If you haven’t already, now is an awesome time to sign up to support people on HeartMob who are experiencing online harassment or share your story.


With love and revolution,

The Hollaback! Team


p.s. We’re still in beta, and we’re improving the site daily based on your feedback. If you’re already a HeartMob user can you do us a favor and take our quick survey?

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They didn’t know, and I think that is pathetic.

During my freshman year of college, I had to take one of my art classes at night, much to my mother’s dismay. This meant walking home in the dark twice a week. My boyfriend wanted me to be safer, so he would pick me up and walk me home, his broad 6’3”stature giving me instant security. He was very diligent – always on time, every day. There was only one day where he had a scheduled test and I had to walk on my own.
That was the only day I was ever verbally harassed on my way home from class. A group of guys stopped their car by me and yelled out to me, laughing as they did. It wasn’t much and they were probably just trying to be cool, but it certainly was not cool.
They didn’t realize that they terrified me that night. They didn’t realize that I felt like crying. They didn’t realize that I already had anxiety issues and didn’t need any extra prompting for a panic attack. They didn’t realize that in that moment I had to go through every self-defense technique I knew, just in case.
They didn’t know, and I think that is pathetic.

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