A Week in Our Shoes

A Week In Our Shoes: 9 NEW SITES LAUNCH!

This past monday, April 15, Hollaback! launched NINE new sites! A HUGE Hollaback! welcome to our new amazing street harassment avengers:

Hollaback! Antwerp (Antwerp, Belgium)
Hollaback! Appalachian (Appalachian, Ohio, USA)
Hollaback! Athens (Athens, Georgia, USA)
Hollaback! Belfast (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Hollaback! Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hollaback! Chemnitz (Chemnitz, Germany)
Hollaback! Hamilton (Hamilton, Canada)
Hollaback! Los Angeles (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Hollaback! Toronto (Toronto, Canada)

Jae rockin' it at our rally!

Jae rockin’ it at our rally!

Here more news from the mothership:

  • PUBLIC PRESENTATIONS! We did a workshop this Tuesday with Brad Lander on fighting street harassment, and Emily spoke at Vassar on street harassment and how to end it!
  • NEW STAFF! Our lovely intern, Jae has just transitioned to be our Part-Time Program Associate! We are so glad to have her on board. Jae hosted a webinar for our site leaders this week on the “art of winning gracefully.”
  • PRESS! Hollaback! was featured in South Slope News and Brooklyn Ink this week!

And around the world:

  • Hollaback! NYC partnered with Hollaback! NYU and Council member Julissa Farreras to celebrate Anti-Street Harassment week with a rally and chalk walk. Hollas, partners, and fellow street harassment avengers spoke, danced, read poetry, and practiced self-defense. The group then chalked up Washington Square Park with colorful anti-street harassment slogans. MAJOR SUCCESS! Read about it here. Coming up soon, New York Hollas will be co-sponsoring a mayoral forum with NOW-NYC in May.
  • Hollaback! Toronto is off to an exciting start since their launch this week. On their site this week, Toronto Hollas give Toronto the lowdown on street harassment, their mission, and what Hollaback! Toronto will be all about.
  • Hollaback! Croatia presents the winners of their anti-street harassment slogans and images competition. Check this out!
  • Hollaback! Chandigarh continues their awesome series of bystander tips. Another great resource for learning how to be a kickass bystander!
  • Hollaback! Mexico DF has posted a bystander card translated for an even broader bystander educational audience! Doesn’t bystander training rock? Yes.
  • Hollaback! Philly got some major press this week. The site was featured in both Philly.com AND The Frisky this week for their recent anti-street harassment ad campaign on SEPTA public transit.
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  • Hollaback! Istanbul‘s founder Kacie Lyn Kocher did a Ted Talk last week! WOW! Her talk was called “Silence is a Choice.” Can’t wait till the video comes out!
  • Hollaback! Edinburgh did a very interesting interview with a Site Manager for a main housing developer, based in the South East region of England. Hollas asked him questions regarding company-wide policies against street harassment. Here are his answers.
  • Hollaback! Sheffield is holding an AGM for people who want to get involved in organising for Hollaback Sheffield. The site and attendees will discuss roles and objectives including campaigns, education and events. They will also begin the search for two or three new site leaders, as the wonderful Kate and Maria will be leaving next month.
  • Hollaback! Athens is celebrating their launch! The site is off to a roaring start with a Womens Self Defense Class and a documentary screening in honor of International Anti-Street Harassment Week!
  • Hollaback! Baltimore hollablogger Rebecca Evans applauds Philadelphia holla sisters in this week’s post for their awesome work on the street harassment comic book!
  • Hollaback! Des Moines posted the gorgeous photos from their anti-street harassment chalk walk! The site also published an awesome breakdown of different ways you can support Hollaback!
  • Hollaback! Fredericksburg partnered with the local boutique, FORAGE, to host the Anti-Style Shaming/Anti-Slut Shaming Photo Campaign. Here are some of the photos!
  • Hollaback RVA went chalking for International Anti-Street Harassment Week. Look at their BEAUTIFUL photos! RVA hollas also tabled at Take Back the Night at VCU on Wednesday! They a bunch more exciting events coming up later this month. Check them out!
  • Hollaback! Hamilton was on the radio! Hamilton Hollas were interviewed on The Broad Banned Radio Show on Mohawk College’s radio station, discussing sexual violence, street harassment, and Hollaback!

Keep up the incredible work!

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Leontina’s Story: 10 years of this, I still walk away from scum like you

I was 8 or 9. This happened in Switzerland. On the train with a friend, going back from school.
A mentally handicapped teen (maybe 16, 18? back then it was just a man for me)pushed me and my friend around and told me he wanted to fuck me. He slapped me. The train was crowded. NOBODY said anything.
Later that year I was sleeping on the train on my way to school. My head was leaned on the glass of the window when he hit my head through the window with full force. It hurt a lot, the glass of the innercity trains is rather thin. I was scared. Nobody helped a 9 year old girl on her way to school.

I was 17 and out(in Switzerland). I was drunk. A group of guya just passed me around. I felt like I wanted to vomit and feel feverish. I told them to stop. Told them I don`t feel good, that I might have a fever. That I don`t want that. They were like: Yes, you feel hot. One of them “took me for himself alone” and started to get more agressive. I remeber that I was nearly passed out by now. My friend scratches me so I wake up and manages to tear me away. I don`t know how she did it, but I am very thankful to her.

I was in London. I was 18 now. It was rush hour. I was wearing a mid thigh shirt and a pantyhose. So there was more access than if I had been wearing jeans.
The tube was packed and I felt something on my ass. I inched away. The hand followed me. Just patting my ass.

This happened this december. I was and still am 19. It was 5 in the morning, I was just sobering up, had been crying all night because of personal problems and felt like shit.
I needed to wait half an hour for the train. It was dark and I was alone. Next to me on a bench is a man. He says: hey, you look like you had a bad night. I had a bad night. Let`s pass some time.
I was suspicious. I sad: I do not want to have sex with you.
He said: Yes, sure. We`ll just talk. I sat down and fall nearly asleep. I really wanted to believe that somebody just wanted to talk to me after the night I had had. We talked a bit, it was nice. He started touching me, between my legs, under my skirt. I froze up, like I had done in the subway. Then I got up and walked away quickly.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: 14 years old, but we knew not to hang around

At the age of 14, me and my girl friends were standing outside school waiting for our parents to come and pick us up, this guy in a white car parks in front of us and points and us and makes sign for us to approach him, seeing that his tactics didn’t work, he whipped out his dick and started masturbating while looking at us and smiling, at first I didn’t understand, I though his leg was a deactivated hand or something.
Me and my friends ran away after that and notified the teachers,he fled.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: One Less Customer

I have a cat and I’m pretty broke, so I was thrilled that Science Diet was giving out free samples near my office. Well, I was thrilled until I got there. The man giving out samples decided it was a good idea to call me “pretty eyes” as if that was my name. Igave him a disgusted look and he just said “Oh, it was only a compliment.” No, it f**king wasn’t! You, sir, are a stranger commenting on my appearance. It is unwelcome, objectifying, and it made me uncomfortable. At I know what NOT to buy.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Get Out Of My Way, Creeper!

I was at diavolos the other night and this guy came up and talked to a friend and I at the table we were at. He was super cool until my friends walked to the bar to get a drink. Then he started leaning in, asking me if I hook up. I said no. He tried to block me from leaving the area. I eventually pushed him out of the way and found my friends. What an asshole.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: “Dear guy, learn respect.”

Just a few weeks ago, I was at hess with some friends. A guy kept trying to talk to me and asked me to go home with him. I said no politely the first few times cause I was drunk and didn’t care but once he persisted and kept on it, I eventually left the area with my friends. We were standing right near Hess and George when the same group of guys that harassed us threw beer bottles up in the air and they fell almost near us. We left Hess right then.

Dear guy, learn respect.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Consent, dude. Figure it out.

I was walking down the street the other day and some guy whistles at me and tells me “oh, what I’d like to do to that ass”.

I told him to fuck off and he proceeded to call me a bitch. Why the fuck do people think its okay to call people a bitch when they don’t respond the way they are expected to. Why the fuck do people think its okay to comment on people’s bodies and say what kind of sexual activity they’d like to do. No consent is sexual assault, figure it out.

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Anti-Street Harassment Poem by Nura Rose Sala



I was in rush
I was late for school
I was wearing my beautiful new red heels
I was in a hurry ,but I felt good
I needed to catch that bus
I crossed the street
slowed down by the high school
there were one or two guys hanging out in the yard
but my neighborhood is safe in the morning

half a block past, I saw someone behind me
walking quickly to catch up
a young man in leather jacket,
he moved in behind me

I looked ahead walking faster

the corners of my eyes were wide open

I was walking faster
but he was catching up
easily and effortlessly
he slid right up to me,
breathing down my neck
i felt trapped, helpless
I wasn’t going to lose control
I had heels on , I wasn’t going to run

there was no one on the street
even in the distance
the morning birds were singing
my neighborhood was supposed to be safe in the morning


I kept walking fast

I kept scanning for a person, a policeman, anybody

where were the people heading for work?

I am strong

I grew up in the country, climbing trees

I grew up romping with three brothers

I taught my brother how to throw a baseball


finally two blocks down

there is a policeman

he is getting into his vehicle

he is shutting the door

I run as fast as I can

why don’t I scream?

my voice has evaporated

I am too far away

the police car pulls out

I am getting angry and desperate

I decide to turn around

I will punch him

I turn around into his flat hard face

I grabbed his collar

but something in me was paralyzed

I am a gentle person

I am just hanging on

he yells “you fuckin’ white bitch!”
and punches me right in the face

then walks away casually, triumphant

not hurrying at all

my head was spiked with razor blade stars

I reeled, I numbly continued walking to the bus stop,
only a half a block away

I was ashamed

I couldn’t defend myself
why was no one there ?
why did not one see?

what happened to my neighborhood safe in the morning?

the pressure inside suspended my tears

I had to keep going
keep moving

I was late for class.


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Stephanie’s story: You deserve to feel safe at the bus stop.

Just sitting at the bus stop when someone yells at me and gives me a nasty shock, making me jump. I look up to see a young blonde guy with his head stuck out the passenger side of a black car with red P plates. He laughs at me while making eye contact and I hear male and female laughter from the car, the windows were tinted so I only saw the guy yelling. Didn’t catch the number plate or I’d call the cops on them for harrassment and too many passengers for Red P plates.

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Soph’s Story: Z-Block Bully

During student elections in 2011, an EPIC supporter tried to get me to vote for EPIC just outside the polling booth thingy in Z block. I said basically “lol fuck off”. He then yelled at me “why don’t YOU fuck off you fucking tranny faggot!”


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